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Couverture chocolate

Hey there, chocolate lovers! If you're as mad about couverture chocolate as we are, then you're in the right place. At Cakelicious, we're a big family of choco-fanatics. That's why we've curated the best products for you so you can whip up the tastiest treats at home. And let's be real, is there anything better than delighting the taste buds of your loved ones?

Looking for top-quality couverture chocolate without breaking the bank? Dreaming of wowing your friends with a rich dark ganache? Stick around; we've got just the thing for you! And the best part: We've got a bunch of cool tips up our sleeves.

Choco, Choco, and more Choco!

White, milk, dark... We've got it all! We understand that every dessert needs its special kind of chocolate. Whether you're Team White Couverture, Milk, or Dark, Cakelicious has got you covered. And the cherry on top? Our chocolates are super easy to work with and guarantee a chocolaty outcome every time. Ready for a choco session?

Tempering Chocolate? Piece of cake!

Ever struggled with tempering chocolate? With our video tutorial, those days are gone! We'll guide you step-by-step, and the results? Simply stunning. You'll impress everyone, guaranteed!

Homemade Pralines? Yum!

For all the praline enthusiasts: our recipe for salted caramel butter pralines (note: our blog is available only in French and German) is downright divine. The best part? We use professional molds available on our website. The result? Pro-like pralines, all homemade!

And for those who've always wanted to craft chocolate Easter bunnies or other choco creations, we've got just the thing. Our article on "How to Nail Your Chocolates" (note: our blog is available only in French and German) will become your new go-to. We spill all our secrets and tips for shiny baking successes.

At Cakelicious, We Prioritize Quality!

Every day, we handpick only the best couverture chocolates for you. We know how crucial top-notch ingredients are when baking. Be it a birthday, a casual celebration, or just because – we're always here for you when it comes to sweet moments.

Truth be told, at Cakelicious, we love seeing your creations, your success stories (and yes, even your little mishaps). So, don't hesitate to share your chocolaty masterpieces with us. And most importantly: Have fun, because baking should bring joy!

More treats await you here:

White chocolate for melting

White chocolate for melting

10.90 CHF
350 g
Callebaut white 28 % - 400g

Callebaut white chocolate 28 % - 400g

9.50 CHF
400 g