Pie pan

Pie pan
Pie pan
Pie pan

Perforated baking pan -...

12.90 CHF

Perforated strips "airplus strips" in silicone

Perforated strips "airplus...

26.90 CHF

Cooking balls

10.90 CHF

Digital scale

16.90 CHF
Tart molds with removable bottom in various diameters

Pie molds with removable...

12.90 CHF

Tart ring, perforated, expandable

Tart ring, perforated,...

18.90 CHF

Tart rings - diameter to choose

Tart rings with rolled...

6.60 CHF

Perforated tart rings

Perforated tart rings

15.90 CHF

tart mold, to choose

Pies molds - to choose

5.90 CHF

High perforated tart square

6.50 CHF

Perforated tart square

6.90 CHF

Low perforated tart ring

Perforated tart ring

6.10 CHF

High perforated tart ring

7.90 CHF

Kit tarte ring "Klassik"

46.50 CHF