Wo are we?

In 2019 Cakelicious Sàrl s still a family business. Married and parents of 2 children, Ruben and Karn work together for Cakelicious since 2016. Every day, we are looking for new ideas  for new ideas, new products and new recipes to improve our assortment, our knowledge of baking, our online platform and our shop.

And every day, our objective is to satify you as well as possible n the range of products offered as in our advce and service.

Our shop in Bulle allows us meet you, to share our passion and knowledge with you through our advices and products.  In parallel we now have a warehouse that allows us to easily process Internet orders and have a suitable stock so that you can find as many products as possible throughout the year.

Our team is composed now of 5 persons, Véronique and Laetitia help us in the shop and at the warehouse to serve you and prepare your orders. Anna, who is our au-par at home, also helps us with the processng of your orders every morning so she can learn French and helps us in German. At the end of the year, we will need more help, so we will call on a student to support us during the festive period.  

We constantly have a lot of projects and we hope that we still could surprise you on the Internet or in our shop. At the beginning of this year, we have decided to expand the sales area at the expense of our kitchen, so we can offer you even more products in Bulle.

Our history : 

Cakelicious Sàrl was created in December 2012 by Alexandra, a party passionate. It all started in her cellar with a stock of pastry materials and a website for online orders. 

In February 2015, our shop in Bulle opened its doors, to serve you better and to be able to transmit our passion.  
Karin, formly known as "Swiss Cupcakes" has developed and transmitted many courses such as Macarons, Entremet, mirror glaze, eclairs, sugar paste and Chrstmas logs. She is now in charge of our blog where you can already find some reciped of our courses but especially every week a new tested and approved recipe. Often inspired by existing recipes, she can not help but put her personal touch on it so the recipes please her 100%. And when she lets go, a novelty s offered to you, straight out of her imagination. 
Ruben likes to propose you Facebook and Instagram contests but he is the one who set up our website. He continues to look for improvements to constantly improve your online experience. If you have any comment on this one, please send them to admin@cakelicious.ch. He will analyze and treat each oft hem.   

Cakelicious Sàrl

Cakelicious is a limited liability company registered in the Commercial Register (CH-217.3.551.716-6) which was founded on December 12, 2012. 

Our address is :

Cakelicious Sàrl
Rue de Vevey 66
1630 Bulle


www.facebook.com/cakelicious.ch ( Facebook is our principal communication channel)

Instagram: cakelicious66