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Cakelicious Sàrl has been created in December 2012 by Alexandra. She was passionate about cake design, cupcakes and cake pops. 

February 2015, Alexandra opened a shop in Bulle to be closer to her clients. She gives cooking classes to help them to improve in cake design.

June 2015, Karin known as "Swiss Cupcakes" bought the company as Alex wish to go in another direction.

Karin is passionate by French pastry, so she develops and grow products in this way. She also gives many cooking classes like Macaron, entremets or even Christmas log classes.

Karin's husband, Ruben joint officially the company in February 2016. Of course, he was involved from the beginning, but for safety reasons, it was better to keep a job on the side during the 1st year.

2016 also saw the rental of a new 300m2 warehouse in Vuisternens-en-Ogoz. This will allow us to store products and to receive the pallets of material that arrive every week.

In March 2018, there will be a shop in Fribourg for just a few months (closed in October 2018). A very interesting experience, but unfortunately it didn't work out. This has helped us to better understand our wishes for the future.

July 2018, a new project is born! A blog with recipes. Karin, who still has a passion for pastry, wants to share her passion on a larger scale. She therefore starts a blog in which she illustrates the individual steps of the recipes and reveals her tips and tricks for making wonderful baked goods. Today, in 2023, the blog contains more than 270 recipes.

The shop in Bulle is becoming a little too small for the 2019 stock. So it's time to think about what to do next. Do we need to find a new, larger shop? Or do we need to change our concept? What are our wishes and plans? Online orders have increased so much that it was sometimes difficult to manage between the shop and the warehouse.

March 2020, Covid19 arrived, and a quick decision is needed. We decided to close the shop for a year and then see whether or not we want to open a new shop in a different location.

As we have major problems with the moisture in our shop in Bulle, the management company releases us from the contract sooner than expected. The shop will be cleared and given back at the end of May 2020. This means we won't have to pay rent for an empty room during Covid19. In addition, we can return the shop stock to the warehouse and thereby have less stock shortages on our online site. Supplier deliveries during Covid became very complicated.

2020 was an amazing year for Cakelicious. We realise how lucky we were. Many customers were looking for an occupation during Covid19. Baking and cooking were popular activities during this time.

During 2020, a new option will appear on our website: "Pick-up". Customers living nearby will be able to order online and then collect their order to the small shop of our village. A very appreciated option.

March 2021, we moved to a bigger warehouse of 1000m2, still in Vuisternens-en-Ogoz. This will be our office space, larger warehouse and a large kitchen to make the recipes for the blog.

stock cakelicious depot cakelicious

Karin gets help with the realisation of new recipes. Sophie, who works for us and is a pastry chef by profession, will gradually take over the management.

stock cakelicious depot cakelicious

At the same time, Cakelicious will be adding a major innovation: our lockers for "order collections". It is now possible to collect an order placed online directly from our lockers. These are accessible around the clock. Simply enter the code you receive as soon as your order has been prepared.

casier pick-up pick-up Cakelicious

April 2022, we still grow up. :o) We rent 500m2 more, just under our actual depot so now we have a total of 1500m2.

March 2024, here is the latest summary:

Our team now counts 16 people, with 1 pastry chef, 7 people in the office and 8 people in logistics.

We've grown quite a bit since 2012 ;o) But our goal is still the same: to have fun at work and keep our passion for pastry!

Let me introduce you to our "logistics" team

Our logistic team walks many kilometres in our huge warehouse to prepare your orders with the most careful attention. They also take care of the weekly deliveries, try out the recipes from Sophie (our pastry chef), in short, they are TOP!

stock cakelicious depot cakelicious

It is thanks to them that all your orders arrive so quickly! 

From left to right (Laure, Christelle and Fabienne), then below our two Sophies. Sophie with the KitchenAid is our pastry chef. She is the one who creates and thinks up new recipes every week.

Laure Christelle Fabienne
Sophie la patissiere Sophie

Célia and Olive are our "regular" temporary helpers. They join the team when there is a big rush on orders. On public holidays, there are also other temporary staff.

Célia Olive

And here our "Office" team

We have already introduced you to Karin and Ruben above. :o)

Karin is now responsible for purchasing and fulfils the management role within the Cakelicious team.

Ruben manages and improves the company's website and IT.

Karin Ruben

Laura, our marketing manager, creates all our visual content and manages our social networks. She is also the apprentice trainer for our commercial apprentices.

Florence, who knows the languages perfectly, is our translator and creates new products. She responds to you in French, English and German. She also takes care of organising/sorting our wide range of products on the website so that you can enjoy shopping in our online shop. 

Mélanie, our trilingual (French/German/English), translates all the recipes on our blog into German and also creates new products. She is also responsible for the commercial apprenticeship.

Laura Florence Mélanie

Loriane and Déborah are our first and third year apprentices. We offer them both a varied apprenticeship program in which they get to know all aspects of the commercial profession. They will be happy to help you and answer any questions/complaints you may have by e-mail and phone.

Loriane Déborah

Together we represent a strong, passionate team and give our all to provide you with a first-class service!

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Cakelicious Sàrl

Cakelicious is a limited liability company registered in the Commercial Register (CH-217.3.551.716-6) which was founded on December 12, 2012.

Our address is :

Cakelicious Sàrl
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1696 Vuisternens-en-Ogoz



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