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Karin et Ruben

Our story

Cakelicious Sàrl has been created in December 2012 by Alexandra. She was passionate about cake design, cupcakes and cake pops. 

February 2015, Alexandra opened a shop in Bulle to be closer to her clients. She gives cooking classes to help them to improve in cake design.

June 2015, Karin known as "Swiss Cupcakes" bought the company as Alex wish to go in another direction.

Karin is passionate by French pastry, so she develops and grow products in this way. She also gives many cooking classes like Macaron, entremets or even Christmas log classes.

Karin's husband, Ruben joint officially the company in February 2016.

2016 is also the year of a new depot in Vuisternens-en-Ogoz. It will help us to stock all products and welcome delivery.

In March 2018 Karin and Ruben open a second shop in Fribourg. Unfortunately, it won't last long as the shop will close in October the same year. An interesting experience, that help us understand our wishes for the future.

July 2018, a big new project is born! Karin starts a blog where she writes new recipe every week. She gives many advise and shares all her secrets to share her passion about pastry. Today, in 2023, the blog contains more than 270 recipes.

Our shop is becoming too small in 2019. It's a time to think about the future. What do we want to do? Find a bigger place? Change the concept?

March 2020, Covid19 arrived, and a quick decision must be taken. We decide to close our shop and try a year with only the website. A big challenge for us as the shop was working very well but it gave us too much work compared to the website.

2020 will be an amazing year for Cakelicious. We realize how lucky we have been as not everybody had the same chance with this ugly Covid19. As a lot of people was lock down during Covid19, they start making pastry and bake cake or even bread.

During 2020 another new project arrives. The pick-up option. From now, clients were able to make an order online and then pick it up to the small shop of our village. An option that a lot of clients who was living around appreciate.

March 2021, we moved to a bigger depot. 1000m2, still in Vuisternens-en-Ogoz. A new depot we a big kitchen to create recipes from there. Sophie will help Karin from now to create recipes for the blog.

At the same time, we upgrade our pick-up point by installing real lockers in our depot. This new method will please our clients as they will be able to pick-up their order 24/24h and 7/7days. As soon as the order is in the locker, the client receive a sms with a code to enter and take is order.

April 2022, we still grow up. :o) We rent 500m2 more, just under our actual depot so 1500m2 in total.

April 2023, Cakelicious team represented 16 people now. 1 baker, 7 office peoples and 8 logistics people. We grew up so much the last past year! But our goal is still the same. Having fun in our jobs and stay passionate by pastry.

Team Cakelicious

Our "logistics" team

You only see 5 people here but in reality, they are 8. And in big period like Christmas the team in more 12. :o)

We love our logistics team! They prepare all your orders every day.

From left to right (Christelle, Fabienne et Laure), and under are our two Sophie. The Sophie with the Kitchen aid is our Pastry Chef. She imagines and create new recipe every week.

Our "Office" team

Like upper, we also miss people here... We are 7 in total.

Ruben et Karin, you know everything already about them.

Ruben takes care of the website and all the informatic stuff of the company.

Karin is the purchase manager but also the team manager.

Laura is our marketing executive; she makes all photos and videos for our website but also for social media. She is also an apprentice trainer for commercial apprentice.

Déborah is our apprentices from 2nd year. She will answer to all your e-mail, and phone call. She is also in charge of the delivery files and complains to our suppliers if some products are missing or broken.

Florence, is our traductor. She creates news products and answer your e-mail and phone call as well in French, German and English.

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Cakelicious Sàrl

Cakelicious is a limited liability company registered in the Commercial Register (CH-217.3.551.716-6) which was founded on December 12, 2012.

Our address is :

Cakelicious Sàrl
Rte de Bulle 41
1696 Vuisternens-en-Ogoz



Instagram: cakelicious66