About us

In 2022 Cakelicious Sàrl s still a family business. Married and parents of 2 children, Ruben and Karin work together for Cakelicious since 2016. We are always looking for new products, new suppliers, and new challenge.

Karin et Ruben

Each day is a new challenge to make you feel satisfy with the range of products that we can offer you and the quality of service.

During the Covid19, we decide to close our shop in Bulle for 2 reasons:

- First, we had moisture problem in all the wall of the shop. And the situation was not possible anymore. Our owner agreed to let us go quicker than expected

- Secondly the website has so much grown those past years, that we want to take time for it and to keep improving it.

Our team is composed now of 5 people, 4 employees in the logistic part (online order, packing, etc..) and 4 employees in the website, translating and administrative work.  

But our goal will not change! Be passionate of cooking and pastry and have pleasure to work in a good team.

Our history: 

Cakelicious Sàrl was created in December 2012 by Alexandra, a party passionate. It all started in her cellar with a stock of pastry materials and a website for online orders. 

In February 2015, our shop in Bulle opened its doors, to serve you better and to be able to transmit our passion. 

Karin, formerly known as "Swiss Cupcakes" has developed and transmitted many courses such as Macarons, Entremets, mirror glaze, eclairs, cake design and Christmas logs. She is now in charge of our blog where you can already find thousands of recipes. She is always creating her own recipes and it can take many tries to get the good taste and texture.

Ruben is the builder of our website! Always looking to improve it. To make it easier for you. If you have any advice or any trouble, you can write him to admin@cakelicious.ch. He will analyze and treat each of your e-mail. Ruben is also in charge of the stock, the due date, and so many other things.

Team Cakelicious

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Cakelicious Sàrl

Cakelicious is a limited liability company registered in the Commercial Register (CH-217.3.551.716-6) which was founded on December 12, 2012.

Our address is :

Cakelicious Sàrl
Rte de Bulle 41
1696 Vuisternens-en-Ogoz



Instagram: cakelicious66