Online orders

Online orders:

All orders placed by our customers are processed by our team in the shortest possible time.

If you do not receive a confirmation email from after payment of your order, please contact our team as soon as possible.

We guarantee that all orders placed before noon are processed the same day if it is a working day. Otherwise, it will be processed the next workng day.

Delivery charge for Priority Mail (A):

You read correctly, all our orders are sent by Priorty mail (A). And there are no addoitional charges bases on weight! 

Delivery charges are only 8 CHF for all orders execpt for the folllowing cases: 

  1. If the total of your products is less than 20 CHF, a fee of 5 CHF is added (Fee = 13 CHF)
  2. If the total of your products is more than 150 CHF, the shipping costs are offered to you.