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Food airbrush

With the airbrush, let your imagination run wild!

It will allow you for example to color your fondant cakes at low cost and in record time, to create nice shades, to make shadows, or even to create a galaxy effect on fondant cakes. 

Very famous in the world of Cake Design, many people have opted for an airbrush to create very fine and neat effects.

Our airbrush dyes are perfect for decorating your fondant cakes, but also buttercream cakes. Unfortunately, we do not recommend using them on ganache, as it contains cocoa butter and the paint will not hold. 

Airbrush paints that are compatible with our airbrush kits can be found in a dedicated category of our food colorants. Always use airbrush paints. Gel dyes or other dyes may clog your airbrush and damage it. 

After each use, it is imperative to clean it with an airbrush cleaner so that it does not clog.

In addition, these airbrushes are not compatible with cocoa butter. It is therefore not possible to make velvet sprays with these devices. For velvet spray, you will need a more powerful air compressor.

Here we offer you our stencils which naturally go hand in hand with the airbrushes. The perfect combo for incredible results in a few minutes.

Airbrush and compressor kit

Airbrush and compressor kit

150.00 CHF

Airbrush colours

Airbrush colours

4.40 CHF

Airbrush food dyes various colours available

9.60 CHF

Airbrush food dyes

Airbrush food dyes various colours available

11.80 CHF

Stencil with "choice" number

6.50 CHF
18 cm
25 cm