Quality cake molds and Cupcake cups

Baking pans and cupcake cups

Silicone mould Bricks

Silicone mould - Bricks

13.20 CHF
10 pos
Round silicone mould various sizes

Silicone mould - Round

15.90 CHF

Perforated tart rings

Perforated tart rings

15.90 CHF

Low perforated tart ring

Perforated tart ring

6.90 CHF
8-24 cm

High perforated tart ring different diameters

High perforated tart ring

8.50 CHF
3.5 cm
8-24 cm

Red, black, white and brown maxi cupcake boxes

Cupcake cases for maxi cupcake

5.90 CHF
60 pcs

Cake mold

4.90 CHF
20 x 6.5 cm
4.5 cm
5 pcs
Aluminum mold 10cm high

High round cake mold

8.60 CHF
10 cm
10 to 35 cm

Aluminum mold 75mm high

Mid-high cake mold

7.50 CHF
7.5 cm
10 to 40cm

Low cake mould

Low cake mould

6.65 CHF
5 cm
Springform pans - diameter to choose

Springforms pans in non-stick steel

16.20 CHF
6.5 cm