Advent calendar

Advent calendar

As Christmas approaches, the traditional Advent calendar makes its comeback. At Cakelicious, we understand how much these daily treats matter. Whether you're a chocoholic eager for chocolate surprises or looking to create your own personalized calendar, we've got you covered. Each year, millions eagerly anticipate opening a new door. It's a ritual that evokes magic, anticipation, and the joy of the festive season.

Ready-to-Gift Advent Calendar

The end of the year is often hectic, which is why it's crucial for us to offer a pre-filled Advent calendar. Discover our exclusive range filled with delicious chocolates from the renowned brand Valrhona. Each door reveals a chocolate surprise that will delight both young and old. Don't wait any longer to gift this essential holiday treat. It's a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Each chocolate has been carefully selected to provide a burst of flavor. The elegance of the box, its refined design; everything is thought out to amaze. It's the perfect gift to show someone how much they mean to you.

Fill-Your-Own Advent Calendar

Prefer giving something more personal? That's where the fill-your-own Advent calendar comes in. Imagine the joy of your loved ones discovering a homemade praline every day, lovingly crafted from our homemade chocolates (available only in french or German). If you're feeling inspired, check out our recipe and this video (available only in French) to create stunning homemade chocolates. The possibilities are endless: filled chocolates, truffles, praline squares. You can even add little notes or challenges for each day. Your family and friends will be moved by this personalized touch. DIY (Do It Yourself) is in the spotlight, blending creativity with indulgence. Every treat will reflect your affection and culinary prowess.

Advent Calendar Making Kit

Want to further personalize your Christmas calendar? With our kit, turn each day of waiting into a delectable journey. The pouch-style Advent calendar lets you slip in little gourmet tokens to pamper your loved ones. It's a unique and personalized way to count down to Christmas. Each pouch is designed to be easy to fill and open, ensuring a perfect surprise every time. Whether you opt for sweet treats, jewelry, or heartfelt notes, this calendar will mirror your generosity. It offers complete freedom, whether you're a culinary expert or just someone who loves to delight. Your loved ones will eagerly await each new day to discover what you've prepared for them.

The Magic of the Advent Calendar

The Advent calendar is more than just a tradition; it's a daily celebration of the anticipation and joy leading up to Christmas. Behind each door lies a story, a memory, or a treat that warms the heart. At Cakelicious, every calendar is crafted to bring magic into homes, lighting up winter mornings with little surprises that create lasting memories. The ritual of opening a door each day is a cherished moment, strengthening ties between generations and creating a festive countdown filled with love and sharing. Each year, the Advent calendar returns, renewing its promises of joy, wonder, and indulgence. It's this timeless magic that we're proud to share with you through our products.

At Cakelicious, we know that the magic of Christmas lies in the little details. With our Advent calendars, each December day becomes a chocolaty or gourmet delight. So, ready to tantalize your taste buds until the big night?

Chocolate mold "Advent calendar"

8.00 CHF -30% 5.60 CHF
20 × 16,5 cm
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Advent calendar white and gold houses

White and gold advent calendar kit

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Advent calendar Valrhona

Advent calendar Valrhona

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170 g
24 pcs