Cookie bags: Wrap up your cookies with Cakelicious!

Cookie bag

Welcome to our delightful category of cookie bags. Cakelicious is your partner of choice to showcase all your sweet creations. Whether you are a professional or simply a baking enthusiast, you will find the perfect bag to protect and enhance your biscuits. We understand that the first impression is often the one that counts, and our biscuit bags are here to ensure that your creations always make a memorable impression. Browse our selection and find the packaging that matches your style and needs.

Homemade biscuit packaging

At Cakelicious, we value the authenticity and passion you put into each creation. That's why we have assembled a varied collection of homemade biscuit packaging that will highlight your baking skills. Our bags are both aesthetic and functional, preserving the freshness and taste of your homemade biscuits. Moreover, they are easy to use, allowing you to save time during packaging. Whether it's chocolate chip biscuits or fine shortbreads, our packaging is designed to enhance them.

Christmas biscuit bags

Christmas is the time when magic happens, especially when it comes to baking. Our Christmas biscuit bags add a festive and warm touch to your gourmet presents, making each gift a special moment. They are also perfect for preserving the aroma and flavor of your festive biscuits, ensuring that they arrive fresh and delicious at their destination. Whether it's a biscuit exchange with your neighbors or gifts for your loved ones, our bags add a joyful and festive note to every occasion. Make this Christmas even more special with our thematic bags.

Transparent biscuit bag

Showcase the beauty of your creations through our transparent biscuit bags. Not only do they reveal your culinary masterpieces, but they also offer optimal protection, preserving the freshness and quality of your biscuits. They are ideal for all occasions, whether for birthday parties or simply to offer a small gift to a friend. Each bag is designed to highlight its contents, while being easy to seal for optimal preservation. Don't wait any longer to choose the bag that will enhance your biscuits.

Candy packaging bag

Candies also deserve packaging that matches their deliciousness. Discover our candy packaging bags, perfect for presenting your homemade candies elegantly. They are also ideal for preserving the freshness of the candies, guaranteeing optimal tasting at each opening. Whether you are preparing candies for a birthday party or to offer as a gift, our bags adapt to all your desires and needs. Seduce young and old with both beautiful and practical packaging.

Biscuit bags

Biscuit bags are not just packaging, they reflect your passion for baking. That's why at Cakelicious we also offer treat boxes with different designs and separations to sublime each creation. Our packaging is specially designed to highlight each biscuit, while facilitating their transport. So, whether you want to make a gift or simply treat yourself, our biscuit bags are the ideal choice. Take the time to browse our range and find the bag that will meet all your requirements.

Baking enthusiasts should not miss our Royal Icing Decorated Biscuits recipe (available only in French or German). It is a flexible recipe that allows you to personalize your biscuits with different cookie cutters and colors. Once your biscuits are ready, present them beautifully in our bags. Take pleasure in creating and giving, with Cakelicious by your side.

Watch our video and create beautiful biscuits!

To inspire you further and guide you step by step in making these beautiful biscuits decorated with royal icing, we invite you to watch our tutorial video on YouTube. In this video, you will discover tips and valuable techniques to master the art of royal icing. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this video will enrich your knowledge and allow you to create biscuits that are not only delicious but also visually stunning. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and be guided by experts, to successfully decorate your biscuits.

In conclusion, Cakelicious biscuit bags are the indispensable ally for any baking enthusiast wishing to easily offer or transport their sweet creations. Whether you are preparing homemade biscuits, candies, or pralines, our bags ensure an elegant and secure presentation. Don't forget to consult our recipes and tutorials available on our blog to guide you in your preparations. At Cakelicious, we make every effort to ensure that each moment of indulgence is a unique and memorable experience. Trust our products to enhance and protect your creations, adding the final touch that will make all the difference.

Decorative ribbons - Choice of color

Decorative ribbons - Choice of color

2.40 CHF
300 cm x 2.5 cm

Cookies bags Christmas

Cookie bags "Christmas"

3.90 CHF
20 pcs
panettone, bags, to choose

Panettone bags - To choose

2.40 CHF
5 pcs