New Year's Eve decorations and baking ideas

New Year's decorations

5,4,3,2,1... Happy New Year! Yes! After Christmas, celebrating the New Year is important for everyone! 

Whether it is with family during a simple meal or with friends in a crazy atmosphere, a beautiful decoration for the New Year is essential. 

To celebrate this New Year's Eve as it should be, we have found you some nice New Year's decorations. Everything to make your evening a success by impressing your guests!

Table decorations, garlands and confetti cannons are the basis of a beautiful evening and especially of a crazy atmosphere as soon as the guests arrive.

How do I decorate my room for New Year's Eve?

From champagne balloons to party hats, our festive New Year theme will help you brighten up your dining room.

Here are our top tips for sprucing up your table with chic, yet simple style. 

First, choose your tablecloth and then decide on a runner or placemat. Finally, to avoid the chore of washing dishes, opt for paper plates and cups. For the final touch, place a party hat and a whistle on each plate. This way, your guests will be ready at 00:00 to shout "Happy New Year! ".

Finally, make a Diy (Do it yourself) decor with our kit "Happy New Year" that will bring a fun and festive touch to your party room. Don't have the time? Don't worry! We also have a large selection of garlands

What items to bring atmosphere to my party?

To liven up your New Year's Eve party, we have several ideas to share with you. For the little ones, consider a golden star-shaped piñata. All you have to do is fill it with candies and mini toys (temporary tattoos). The kids will be delighted and will be more patient until the countdown. For the older ones, a little photo session... Our special New Year's photobooth will be a perfect accessory to take beautiful pictures and leave you with nice memories. Don't forget the confetti cannons! These confetti cannons in the shape of golden stars, also available in blue or pink, will be perfect to celebrate the moment you are waiting for. And above all, dress up your party room with balloons, in the shape of bottles, cocktails or arches, because a party without them is not possible! 

What dessert to make for New Year's Eve? 

A log, an entremets, a pie or cupcakes? Thanks to our blog in French oder German, you will find several recipe ideas. Each step of preparation is explained in pictures in order to make your dessert a success! To add the final touch to your cake, you can put a pretty topper with the inscription "Happy New Year". Add a little pep to your cupcakes with the help of pipettes. Thanks to them, you can fill them with alcohol or syrup to soak your cakes. An ultra greedy result guaranteed!

Large foil balloons "Numbers"

Large foil balloons "Numbers"

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