Macaroons, one of the most sophisticated pastry.

With vanilla, pistachio or chocolate, everything is possible with our aromas.

Here you will find silicone mats, thermometers, the famous extra fine almond powder and much more!

To color the shells, you need to use gel coloring. If you want to add an additional decoration to differentiate the ganaches, for example a line or a small touch, then you will have to use a coloring powder or food paint.

Round pastry tips, opening from 1 to 12mm

Round decorating tips Wilton

2.20 CHF
1- 12 mm

Round decorating tips for royal icing

Round decorating tips for royal icing

2.90 CHF
0.7 - 1.5 mm

Round decorating tips all sizes

Round decorating tips

3.70 CHF
2 - 24 mm

Spatula, silicone, Utensil, color to choose

Spatulas various colors in silicone

5.90 CHF

Ready to use Icing "Golden"

4.20 CHF
20 g