Perfect macarons, specialized tools and ingredients

Dive into the delicate art of macaron-making with our selection of specialized tools and ingredients. Whether you're a budding baker or an experienced patissier, we have everything you need to impress with every bite.

Essential Tools for Macarons

From silicone mats to precise piping tips, equip your kitchen with professional-quality tools for a flawless pastry experience.

  • Silicone mat with imprints: Perfect for achieving uniform and perfectly round macarons every time.
  • Round piping tips: Ensure maximum precision when shaping your macarons.
  • 2-in-1 whisk-thermometer: Monitor the temperature while mixing your ingredients for a perfect meringue.

Dyes and Decorations for Macarons

Add a splash of color and creativity to your macarons with our range of dyes and decorations.

  • Gel dyes for macarons: Exceptional color intensity for dazzling macarons.
  • Powder dyes for macarons: Ideal for a delicate finish or marking details.
  • Edible pens: Perfect for adding patterns or personalized inscriptions.

Quality Ingredients for Macarons

Give your macarons a taste of luxury with our premium ingredients. For exemples :

  • Extra-fine white almond powder: The foundation of any good macaron, our almond powder is finely ground for the perfect texture.
  • Callebaut milk chocolate 33.6%: Coat your macarons with a smooth and rich ganache from our selection of quality chocolates.
  • Hazelnut praline paste: Introduce a crunchy and delicious hazelnut touch to your creations.

Tips and Tricks

Don't miss our blog on mastering macarons and our macaron recipes where we share advanced techniques, secret recipes, and advice to master the art of macarons. From meringue preparation to the final decoration, learn from the experts! Unfortunately, our blog is only available in French and German. please change the website language to get the desired link.

  • Praline macarons
  • Blackcurrant-chestnut macarons
  • Foie gras macarons

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25 macaroon boxes

25 macaroon boxes

48.90 CHF -20% 39.10 CHF
25 pcs
12 pos
  • Reduced price
20 macaroon boxes

20 macaroon boxes

47.90 CHF -20% 38.30 CHF
20 pcs
24 pos
  • Reduced price
25 box for macaroons

25 clear macaroon boxes

37.90 CHF
25 pcs
6 pos
Extra fine white almond powder - various weights

Extra fine white almond powder - various weights

17.90 CHF

Macaroon shells preparation

Macaroon shells preparation

12.50 CHF
250 g
Round decorating tips all sizes

Round decorating tips

3.70 CHF
2 - 24 mm

Macaroon boxes 3 sizes set

Macaroon boxes 3 sizes

16.50 CHF -20% 13.20 CHF
10 pcs

  • Reduced price
Round pastry tips, opening from 1 to 12mm

Round decorating tips Wilton

2.10 CHF
1- 12 mm

Round decorating tips for royal icing

Round decorating tips for royal icing

2.90 CHF
0.7 - 1.5 mm

Spatula, silicone, Utensil, color to choose

Spatulas various colors in silicone

5.90 CHF