Using Introduction

Cookies and Cakelicious : it’s a love story. This is a must-have pastry and we love necessarily all kinds of cookies. 

But here we talk about IT-cookies and these are no exception to the rule. We love them too. 

Our website use cookies to distinguish you from other visitors. This allow us to offer you a customized experience on our website. It makesit easier for you to search and fill in forms for example. 

When you use our website you accept the using of Cakelicious cookies. 

If you wish you can delete all the cookies once your visit is over. The following website allows you to find the method according to your browser.

Cookies cacahuètes

What’s Web cookies ?

A web cookie is a small coded file wich gonna be save on your computer (or other device enabling you to browse our site). The first registration will make it possible to know for example if you’re already come on our website. If a pop-up information message is posted and you confirm it, that’s will be listed on our cookie too. 

This last cookie will prevent us from showing you this message at each visit. 

We’re gonna list the consulted pages (called analyse cookie or performance) and the added products in your shopping cart (This cookie is necessarly to the good fonctions or the website). Other cookies allow us to run our website work properly (fonctionality cookies). For example to recognize you and to remember us your navigation language. 

Finally, we use targeting cookies and third-party cookies wich allow us to make a connection between your website visit and our various type of communication. On our social network pages (Facebook, instagram…) or on the pages of our partners like King-avis, Google, etc. 


Like the best recipe, web cookies are unavoidable. 

We need it all days to improve our website and our service to serve you and to do our job in the best conditions. 

However, we understand that you don't want to see targeted ads everywhere you surf.
To respect this, I advise you to add Ghostery to your browser, it's a module that, I quote: "will provide you with a cleaner, faster and safer browsing experience".

We hope that we answer at all your interrogations on the subject of cookie. If not, I suggest you to read this description ( form which I inspire myself to describe you our cookies. 

I let you my favorite cookies recipe :o)

Cookies noisettes caramel (FR or DE only)

Mes cookies préférés