Various square cake boxes to deliver your large creations

Square cake box

Welcome to Cakelicious, your reliable partner for all your baking needs. In our “Square Cake Box” category, you will find an unmatched selection of packaging solutions that enhance your sweet creations while providing optimal protection during transport. Whether you're looking for a wedding cake box or a customized cardboard packaging, we have just what you need. Our products cater for every occasion ensuring that your cakes are showcased to perfection. Opting for our packaging solutions means choosing quality and peace of mind.

The perfect companion for cake artists

Our wide range of square boxes are perfect for all your creations, suitable for everything from wedding cakes to cake design cakes. And for tartlet and high cake lovers, our boxes ensure easy and safe transport. Our solutions not only facilitate transportation but also enhance the presentation by highlighting every detail of your work. As a cake artist, you will appreciate the user-friendliness and reliability of our boxes. Discover our collection now and add value to your creations.

The benefits of our square boxes

Some of our boxes come with an integrated tray, so you can be certain to have the perfect size for your cake. Convenience and security are our top priorities. Our cake boxes are ideal for refrigerated storage and transportation. The right packaging can even prolong the freshness of your cakes, ensuring an optimal taste experience. Explore our range and find the product that meets your needs, be it for a large celebration or a small gathering.

Packaging for every taste

We offer a wide range of cake packaging solutions, from customized to ready-made solutions, to meet all your requirements. Our selection of customized cardboard packaging is designed to satisfy every cake artist, regardless of their level of experience. Each of our packages is crafted with utmost care to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Be seduced by our packaging options that combine functionality and aesthetics, giving your creations the framework they deserve.

Square Cake Box

Discover our selection of tall square boxes available in various sizes and adjustable to perfectly match your creations. Opting for our products means choosing quality and encouraging your customers to return for special occasions. Don't wait any longer to make our tall square boxes the ideal companion for your cakes. Each box is designed to highlight your work while facilitating the transportation and storage of your baked goods. Turn each delivery into a premium experience with our square cake boxes.

A benchmark for your recipes

Perfectly suited for the transportation of delicate creations like our Entremets dulcey passion (available only in French or German), our tall boxes are the ally of all your tasty desserts. We even used our 30 cm tall cake box to safely transport this delicious masterpiece. Let yourself be inspired by our recipes and discover how our packaging can enhance your cakes. Choosing Cakelicious means opting for a partner who understands the needs of cake artists and is committed to providing superior packaging solutions. Realize your baking dreams with the help of our high-quality products.

Cooler bags - size to choose

Cooler bags

9.90 CHF

Cake box + cake board - To choose

Cake box + cake board - To choose

5.20 CHF

cake box , square, square cake box

Tall Cake Boxes - To choose

4.60 CHF

boxes, cake, white, to choose

White cake boxes - to choose

2.90 CHF

Tall cake boxes - To choose

3.20 CHF

Dessert boxes Pauline of choice

Dessert boxes "Pauline" - of choice

1.20 CHF
8 cm

Cake boxes - Pure

Cake boxes - Pure

3.90 CHF

Cake boxes in different sizes

3.80 CHF

Cake Box

Cake Box 25 x 25 x 15 cm

2.70 CHF
25 x 25 cm
15 cm
1 pc
Cake Box 30 x 30 x 15 cm

Cake Box 30 x 30 x 15 cm

2.90 CHF
30 x 30 cm
15 cm
1 pc