Pastry packaging

Our various transport boxes and trays are often available individually, allowing you to have several sizes in your stock at a lower cost.

For professionals or catering services, decreasing prices are offered depending on the quantity ordered. If you don't see a quantity discount on a product, you always have the option to contact us by email to make a request.

Most of our packaging is made of cardboard, be it boxes or cake trays, it is the most used material. It is also often the most advantageous and the most practical for pastry because it absorbs moisture and odors.

These cardboard trays are "disposable," but if you take care of them, you can still use them several times.

You will find in the "Trays and supports" category, thin trays 3-4 mm or trays 1 cm thick. These thick trays, also called "cake boards" in English, are very resistant and optimal for multi-tiered wedding cakes.

Available tray shapes

  • Rounds, the most used, they fit very well in square boxes
  • Squares, a classic that adds charisma
  • A4 to A3 rectangles, very popular for Numbers Cake ;o)
  • Long rectangles, widely used for cakes and, for instance, Christmas logs.

Note that we also have trays sold in sets of 4 or 5 pieces, which can be more advantageous in terms of price.

Available colors

For boxes, white is often the primary color, but fortunately, there are always exceptions. For example, our "Pauline" torte boxes are very colorful. They are tart boxes reminiscent of bakery and confectionery packaging.

On the other hand, the ranges of kraft boxes are very fashionable at the moment, and it is a range that should continue to expand given the demand.

For holidays like Easter or Christmas, the ranges are more fun and colorful.

How to transport my pastries?

Do you have a 3-tier wedding cake with many decorations? No worries. :o)

Our high boxes made of food-grade cardboard are up to 33 cm high. And if that is not enough, you have the option to use box extensions that allow you to raise the lid, which are almost 60 cm high. The box will not be 100% closed, but it will still be protected.

Our advice is still to be very careful with the decorations placed before transport... Vibrations and weight do not mix well, and you might have a nasty surprise upon arrival.

It is therefore preferable to place your decorations after transport, just before serving your cake.

Special boxes and displays

We have talked about cake boxes and other classic desserts, but our range of boxes does not stop there!

You will also discover cupcake boxes in white or Kraft cardboard, reusable plastic macaron boxes, log boxes, or even praline boxes to gift your homemade chocolates.

Some of these boxes have separations to hold your cupcakes or macarons. You will find transparent boxes that will be perfect if you wish to sell your pastries at the market or in a bakery.

In our range of displays, the materials are more varied; we have, for example, macaron displays in cardboard or plastic. Regarding cake displays, they are usually made of metal or plastic.

We hope you find what you are looking for. :o)

Rectangular Cake Box with cake board 35 x 25 cm

Rectangular Cake Box with cake board, 35 x 25 cm

5.90 CHF
35 x 25 cm

25 box for macaroons

25 clear macaroon boxes

37.90 CHF
25 pcs
6 pos
boxes, cake, white, to choose

White cake boxes - to choose

2.90 CHF

cake box , square, square cake box

Tall Cake Boxes - To choose

4.40 CHF

Tall cake boxes - To choose

3.20 CHF

Dessert boxes Pauline of choice

Dessert boxes "Pauline" - of choice

1.20 CHF
8 cm

Treat boxes

6.20 CHF
15 x 15 cm
5 pcs
Boxes - kraft

Boxes - kraft

21.80 CHF
25 pcs
Small boxes for treats in cardboard - various colors

Small boxes for treats in cardboard - various colors

3.50 CHF
6 x 6 cm
10 pcs

Cake Boards rectangular thin 30 x 25 cm in various colors

Cake Boards 30x25 cm rectangular thin in various colors

1.90 CHF
30 x 25 cm
3 mm

Cake board silver/gold rectangular

2.30 CHF
2 mm

Thin round cake boards, silver

1.20 CHF

Thin white cake board

Thin round cake board, white

1.50 CHF
0.3 cm
16-36 cm

Thin gold cake board

Thin round cake board, gold

1.50 CHF
0.3 cm
16 to 36 cm

Cake drums silver/gold

Cake drums silver/gold

2.80 CHF
1 mm
3 pcs

Scalloped trays of your choice

scalloped cake drum 25cm

1.60 CHF
3 mm
25 cm

scalloped tray

scalloped cake drum 30cm

2.40 CHF
3 mm
30 cm

Thin square cake boards, silver

1.00 CHF
from 15x15 to 35x35 cm
4 mm