Velvet spray snow effect for logs and desserts

Velvet spray snow effect

Discover our whole range of food velvet spray to give beautiful finishes "snow effect" or velvet to your desserts.

Easy to use sprays, but with a few steps to follow so you don't get stuck. Decorating with a spray is a safe bet, believe me.

We have several color ranges, white is of course very represented. But green, black but especially pink and red are very requested.

Our Christmas recipes colored and decorated with velvet spray

Link below are for french version, all recipes are also available in German. But no english, sorry.

Important before using

The food sprays have been stored at different temperatures, to ensure that the contents are ready to be  well expelled you should:

  • Soak the bottle in hot water for a few minutes
  • Shake the bottle vigorously
  • It is ready

Here is another video that will allow you to see us in action. Decorate with velvet spray for Christmas.

Protect before using ;o)

We advise you to protect the area where you will use the spray. Colored cocoa butter is really not cool to clean.

Some customers actually put their cake in the dishwasher to flock it. Our advice is to place your cake in a tall cardboard box.

The easiest way to do this is to place your frozen entremet on a turntable. This way, you will be able to measure the ideal distance between the spray and the cake to have the same result everywhere. You will then just have to turn the tray to decorate all sides.

Use your velvet spray to decorate the plates

When used with a stencil, you can create impressive plate designs in a short period of time. Just like the entremets, the velvet or snow effect will be much better if you place the plate in the refrigerator or even better, in the freezer before decorating them. If you have colored plates, I recommend white, it's really classy.

Spray an even layer on the cold surface to be treated at a distance of 20-25 cm.

Several volumes of sprays, how to choose

You should count on 100 ml to cover 2 cakes of 20cm in diameter and 4cm in height, or two standard size logs.

However, be careful, when the spray is empty, it stops quite clearly ... Surprise effect guaranteed!

Velvet Sprays "Decora"

Velvet Sprays "Decora"

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100 ml

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The Velvet Sprays

Velvet Sprays "Silikomart"

22.90 CHF -20% 18.30 CHF
250 ml

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velvet spray funcakes to choose

Velvet Sprays "Funcakes"

12.90 CHF -20% 10.30 CHF
100 ml

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