Treat box, the perfect gift packaging for pralines

Treat box

At Cakelicious, we understand the joy that homemade treats bring. It is therefore essential to have aesthetic and practical packaging that will enhance your delicious creations. Choosing the right packaging is also a guarantee of protecting your creations, while providing an attractive visual. Discover our varied range of treat boxes, designed to meet everyone's needs, from beginners to professional pastry chefs.

Cardboard Box with Transparent Window

The cardboard box with a transparent window is the undeniable ally of treat creators. It subtly reveals your creations, allowing one to appreciate their quality even before opening the box. The transparency game encourages indulgence, while keeping a part of mystery. By choosing this type of box, you are opting for elegance and showcasing your culinary talents.

Box for Pralines/Chocolates/Truffles

A hallmark of confectioners, the chocolate box must live up to your creations. Our boxes, with meticulous design, enhance each chocolate, thus sublimating the fruit of your labor. Choose a box that protects your chocolates while offering flawless presentation, synonymous with quality and excellence. Spoil your loved ones or your clients with Cakelicious chocolate boxes, a guarantee of good taste and refinement.

Boxes with Compartments

The boxes with compartments are the perfect solution for transporting your creations without fearing that they mix or get damaged. They preserve each treat in a dedicated compartment, guaranteeing a perfect presentation upon opening. Ideal for varied assortments, they allow the creation of personalized gourmet gift boxes. Safety and aesthetics are assured with our compartmentalized boxes, facilitating the transport and tasting of your delights.

Treat Box

Our treat boxes come in a variety of models, meeting all your creative desires. Whether you prefer starry patterns, polka dots, or more sober designs, you will find the ideal box for every occasion. The well-thought-out interior of these boxes, with or without separations, preserves the integrity of your creations, ensuring secure transport. Enhance your gourmet gifts with our treat boxes, carefully chosen to meet all the expectations of gourmets, whether amateurs or professionals.

Kraft Treat Box

For an authentic and eco-friendly note, opt for a kraft treat box. The trendy kraft material combines resistance and respect for the environment, thus offering a choice packaging for your creations. Ideal for both professionals and individuals, our kraft boxes blend wonderfully with all creations. Opt for naturalness and simplicity with our kraft boxes, guaranteeing an elegant presentation while preserving our planet.

Cakelicious and Your Creations

Dear gourmets, we know how much every detail counts when it comes to making treats. That's why we are committed to accompanying you in this sweet adventure. We invite you to discover our Raffaello recipe (available only in French or German), a perfect creation to offer in our treat boxes. These homemade pralines will be the perfect sweet touch to accompany your coffee, presented in a packaging worthy of their exquisite taste.

Treat boxes

6.20 CHF
15 x 15 cm
5 pcs