Dessert moulds: Different silicone moulds for your desserts

Dessert mould

Welcome to Cakelicious, the haven for sweet tooths and passionate pastry chefs. Historically, the "entremet" was a dish served between courses at grand banquets. Today, it represents a sophisticated dessert, often composed of multiple layers of mousses, biscuits, and creams, providing a unique... Read more

Silicone mould Snow tree

Silicone mould "Snow tree"

29.50 CHF
1100 ml
25 x 9 cm
9,5 cm
Silicone mould For you

Silicone Christmas log mould "For you"

29.50 CHF
1100 ml
25 x 8,5 cm
8.5 cm
Round silicone mould various sizes

Silicone mould - Round

15.90 CHF

Silicone mould Snowy

Silicone mould - Snowy

27.90 CHF
1400 ml
8 cm
Silicone rhodoïd

Silicone rhodoïd

11.70 CHF
1 m
12 cm

Welcome to Cakelicious, the haven for sweet tooths and passionate pastry chefs. Historically, the "entremet" was a dish served between courses at grand banquets. Today, it represents a sophisticated dessert, often composed of multiple layers of mousses, biscuits, and creams, providing a unique taste experience. Our mission is to turn every indulgence moment into an unforgettable experience. For those who love entremets for any occasion, we have the perfect selection of molds. From the traditional Yule log to the Botzi pear entremet for the Bénichon (a special celebration in the canton of Fribourg), every dessert deserves the perfect mold. Discover our carefully curated selection, suitable for both amateur bakers and professionals. With Cakelicious, your pastry passion is in good hands.

Silikomart, the Market Leader

Specializing in pastry and creative baking, Silikomart is renowned for its high-quality silicone molds and innovative accessories. With a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of professionals and home bakers alike, Silikomart continues to impress with its expertise and ability to anticipate industry trends. Whether for making cakes, entremets, ice creams, or chocolates, Silikomart offers practical and aesthetic solutions to enhance every culinary creation.

Chistmas log Mold

What would Christmas be without a tasty Yule log? Our Christmas log molds are specially designed to allow every gourmet to craft the perfect log. Precision-made, they guarantee impeccable texture and flavor. Each produced log becomes a pastry masterpiece. Delight your loved ones with a creation as beautiful as it is delicious. With Cakelicious, your Christmas celebrations will be unforgettable.

Entremet Inserts

The inserts are essential to add that special touch to your entremet. Designed to perfect every detail, they allow the addition of layers of flavor and texture. Each insert invites creativity and offers a world full of design and taste possibilities. Impress your guests with multi-layered desserts that tantalize their taste buds. With Cakelicious inserts, your baked goods will always meet your ambitions. Whether square, round, rectangular, or semi-spherical, you'll find a wide range of inserts to craft your dessert as you wish.

Round Molds

The round molds are timeless classics. They are perfect for a variety of entremets, including our Botzi pear entremet with cooked wine (available only in French or German). Each round mold, passionately designed, ensures perfect baking and shaping. Whether for a birthday, a wedding, or a simple family gathering, they enable the creation of breathtaking desserts. Their ease of use combined with their performance makes them a staple in every kitchen. For the decoration, we recommend a beautiful mirror or chocolate glaze to add the final sparkling touch!

Fruit and Vegetable Molds

Surprise is an art, and with our fruit and vegetable molds, you can craft astonishing trompe-l'oeil cakes. Inspired by the great pastry chef Cédric Grolet, we crafted a trompe-l'oeil apricot dessert (avaialble only in French or German). The recipe is available on our blog. Whether you aim to create an illusion or simply add an original touch, these molds are your best ally. Desserts come to life, evoking memories, emotions, and smiles. Each creation becomes a conversation piece, a story to share. With Cakelicious, you can push the boundaries of your imagination and dazzle your guests.

Individual Molds

Personalization is the key to exclusivity. Our individual molds offer the possibility of serving a perfect portion to each guest. They embody elegance, care, and attention to detail. Every guest will feel special, enjoying a dessert crafted just for them. Whether it's a chocolate entremet or a fine delicacy, these molds guarantee flawless presentation and unmatched taste. Opting for them means choosing excellence.

Cake Decoration Molds

Decoration is the art of elevating your pastry creations. With our range of cake decoration molds at Cakelicious, every cake becomes an artwork. It's not just about flavor, but also presenting a visually appealing cake. Whether you wish to add detailed floral patterns, refined textures, or unique shapes, our molds are designed to meet all your creative needs. These molds, made from high-quality materials, ensure easy demolding and flawless results. Whether for a wedding, a birthday, or another celebration, our decoration molds make every cake a masterpiece that tells a story. A well-decorated cake always remains memorable and will surely impress your guests. So, let your imagination run wild with Cakelicious!

Mousses and Entremets

Beyond the variety of molds, we must not forget the importance of good packaging to preserve the freshness and presentation of your entremets. At Cakelicious, every detail counts. We understand the importance of serving your creations under the best conditions. Hence, we offer a range of options to ensure your delicacies are always served in perfection. With our packaging solutions, each dessert retains its shape, flavor, and beauty, ready to impress on any occasion.