Pastry supplies, table decorations and cakes for Easter

Easter baking equipment

Welcome to Cakelicious, where every Easter celebration becomes an opportunity to share joy and treats thanks to our complete selection of baking equipment. For everyone who celebrates Easter by creating delicious cupcakes, biscuits, and other decorated desserts, our range provides everything you need to bring your most creative ideas to life.

Easter bunny

Celebrating Easter without a chocolate bunny! Unthinkable for our sweet tooths! Dare to work with chocolate and make your own chocolate bunnies. You'll see, it's not that complicated! Use our detailed recipe "Chocolate Bunnies" (available only in French or German) and our tip "How to properly temper your chocolate", and you will get good and beautiful chocolate bunnies!

Easter cupcake

Browse our category specially dedicated to making Easter cupcakes. You will find a variety of cupcake liners, sometimes floral, others with bunnies and for a not too overloaded decoration, plain colored liners. Finally, to decorate them on the Easter theme, you will find several nozzles, often called Russian nozzles. They will allow you to pipe your cream elegantly, leaving behind beautiful flowers on your cupcakes.

Easter biscuits

The indispensable treat that can be adapted for every event... are obviously biscuits! Make a good shortbread dough, then with the help of our various Easter special cookie cutters, create beautiful biscuits. Bunny, chick, hen eggs, basket, flower, and butterfly will be there to celebrate Easter in full gourmet style! Occupy your children for an afternoon with an Easter biscuit (available only in French or German) workshop, they will love their little bunny!

Easter decorations

A celebration without decoration is unthinkable. Whether it's decorations for cake/dessert or to decorate your table and home, in our categories you will have a wide choice of decorations to make this feast gourmet, elegant! Find our table decorations, such as napkins, cups, table runners, small table decorations in the shape of a bunny, ... all in beautiful spring colors.

Easter dessert

Travel to Italy while staying in your kitchen by making a beautiful dove. This famous Italian cake, close to homemade Panettone. You will find our molds in our category "Easter cake mold." This treat is perfect to accompany a coffee or tea but what to bake for the Easter meal. A nice entremet with spring flavors? It's sometimes a bit early, so why not make a nice Easter chocolate-carrot dessert (available only in French or German). This sweet recipe will perfectly complete your room decoration, and table since its decor is 100% in the Easter theme.

Baking equipment for easter

Prepare for Easter with Cakelicious and let your baking creativity run free! Our complete assortment of baking equipment is specially designed to help you realize all your sweet ideas for Easter, from decorated cupcakes to thematic biscuits and elaborate desserts. With Cakelicious, turn Easter baking into a true art form.

Celebrating Easter with Cakelicious takes on an exceptional creative and gourmet dimension. Our specialized range of baking equipment for Easter provides everything you need to successfully and easily create magnificent Easter cupcakes, delicious springtime biscuits, thematic decorations, and traditional or innovative desserts. With our detailed recipes and professional tips, such as making chocolate bunnies or perfecting chocolate tempering, every creation becomes an edible art piece that will delight your loved ones.

Easter Eggs Molds

Easter eggs mold

5.90 CHF

Chocolate pen  15 colors

Chocolate flavour pens color choice

3.90 CHF
25 g

Glitter sugar in various colors

Glitter sugar in various colors

5.70 CHF
100 g

Flowers and leaves in sugar 4 colors available

Flowers and leaves in sugar 4 colors available

4.40 CHF
16 pcs

Small sugar flowers in various colors

Small sugar flowers in various colors

5.40 CHF
30 pcs

Nonpareils Pastel

Nonpareils Pastel

3.95 CHF
80 g