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Unfortunately, our blog is currently not available in English. We are very sorry about that.

Available languages

All our recipes are available in French here and in German here. Unfortunately, we cannot offer them in English at the moment.

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General informations

Our blog presents mainly pastry recipes, but not only... Through our recipes, we give you a maximum of details and all our tips to give you a maximum of chance to succeed. However, some very specific products cannot be explained in detail in each recipe, that's why we have set up a special "tips and tricks" category that will explain you how to exchange products, calculate quantities or simply present different product variations.

If you are missing information, if you would like us to deal with a specific subject or if you encounter a problem when making a recipe, please contact us. We are happy to help you by e-mail at info@cakelicious.ch.

Printable recipes

On almost every recipe you will find a link to download the PDF. We advise you to always download this version before you start your recipe, so that if there is an internet outage, you always have the "offline" version to be able to finish quietly.

This PDF version is also ideal if you prefer to work with the paper version (printed). We have done our best to reduce the number of pages to print, while keeping all the illustrations that we find very important.

We wish you every success in your next recipes, and if you have any questions, we are of course always available.

For that, as indicated above, the easiest way is to contact us by email at info@cakelicious.ch.

See you soon, the Cakelicious team