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Discover the endless world of chocolate making with Cakelicious, where every chocolate creation becomes a culinary work of art. Our Chocolate category is perfect for all pastry chefs, both amateur and professional, who love to create delicious chocolate pastry recipes.

Couverture Chocolate

Used for making all kinds of chocolate-based pastries, couverture chocolate is highly appreciated by professionals as well as gourmands, as it can also be savored as is in front of the TV or while enjoying a small coffee. In our category, you will find top brands such as Valrhona, highly esteemed by French chocolatiers, Callebaut, adored by Belgians, and the famous Swiss chocolate: Lindt. From white chocolate to dark chocolate, including blond chocolate - Dulcey with its slightly caramelized taste, you will have a choice to create your masterpieces.

Chocolate for Pastry

We offer two types of chocolate: couverture and baking chocolate. Baking chocolate, as its name suggests, is heat resistant. With it, you can make delicious muffins, madeleines, or cookies without the chocolate chips melting during baking. Conversely, with couverture chocolate, you can temper it to create beautiful chocolate shells or melt it to make ganaches, mousses, and many other chocolate preparations. Discover our tips and tricks to learn everything about tempering chocolate and how to successfully make your chocolates. (available only in French or German)

Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold

Polycarbonate molds are highly appreciated by professionals. Very durable and easy to maintain, these chocolate molds are the perfect tool for making pretty and shiny chocolates. From hearts for Valentine's Day to Christmas trees and Easter bunnies, polycarbonate molds will be your ally throughout the year to help you create beautiful chocolate creations.

Chocolate Decoration

Add the final chocolate touch to your desserts simply with our selection of chocolate decorations. Pearls, shavings, or curls are ready to enhance your cakes. You will also find all our drip cakes and rocky icing, perfect for quickly decorating your creations.

Chocolate Cake Pops and Cakesicles

To add color to your small cakes such as cake pops and cakesicles, opt for our deco melts. These colored discs are easy to use and bring life to your creations. Finally, decorate them with chocolate pens or edible decorations. An easy workshop to do with children, perfect for keeping them busy on a rainy afternoon.


The Chocolate range at Cakelicious is your key to a memorable event, blending the sophistication of couverture chocolate with the creativity of chocolate decorations. Whether you're looking for ingredients for your next chocolate pastry masterpiece, tools for making perfect chocolates, or decorations to add the finishing touch, our products and recipes will guide you in creating treats that will delight everyone's taste buds. Join us in turning every chocolate adventure into an exquisite celebration of flavors.

Ruby chocolate 33,6% 400g Callebaut

Ruby chocolate 33,6% 400g - Callebaut

12.60 CHF
400 g
Callebaut dark chocolate 54,5%

Callebaut dark chocolate 54,5 % -1kg

21.90 CHF
1 kg

Callebaut Milk chocolate 33,6% - 1kg

Callebaut - Milk chocolate 33,6 % -1kg

23.90 CHF
1 kg
Milk Chocolate Drops

Milk Chocolate Drops

10.90 CHF
350 g
Deco melts - different colors

Deco melts - different colors

5.90 CHF
250 g

Liposoluble colors - to choose

liposoluble colors for chocolate

4.20 CHF
15 g

Chocolate atelier

39.90 CHF