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Cakes and cookies stencils

We offer all kinds of stencils, whether for a wedding, an event or a birthday. Some stencils are at your disposal to decorate your cakes easily and quickly.

Simply poached with snow sugar to get your designs in white or poached with our airbrushes for full color designs.

For a colorful result, you can also opt for food paints and sponge (or brush), but be careful not to push the paint under the stencils. More complicated, I advise you against this technique with stencils too detailed.

A little more technical, but with relief renderings, we suggest the royal icing that you can color with our gels as you wish before use...

Stencil with "choice" number

6.50 CHF
18 cm
25 cm

Stencil "Soccer ball"

7.10 CHF
1 pc
25 cm

Stencil "Halloween"

6.90 CHF
25 cm