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Glossy mirror glaze

Here, you are spoiled for choice,

Whether you want to make your own mirror glaze or buy a ready-made glaze, anything is possible!

Is this your first mirror glaze? Don't panic! To help you, we have a page dedicated to this topic: how to make a successful mirror glaze in French oder German.

On this page, we have selected all the materials to make beautiful homemade or ready-made mirror glaze.

The ready-made mirror glazes can be colored with gel colors to obtain the desired color.

What is a mirror glaze?

Mirror glaze is the layer of glaze that you find on many entremets. You know, that shiny effect where you can see yourself in it? Well, that's mirror glaze.

Mirror glaze is only seen on frozen entremets or pieces. Why is that? Simply because the mirror glaze must be poured on a frozen mass so that it freezes when it comes into contact with the cold.

Many customers ask us if it is possible to glaze a cake. The answer is yes, as long as you freeze the cake first.

The mirror glaze can be left in its natural color, i.e. off-white, or it can be colored according to your taste. It is always advisable to associate the color of your glaze with the flavor of your cake. A chocolate dessert? Go with a brown glaze.

We tell you more in the text below.

How to color mirror glaze?

Mirror glaze can be made with either white or dark chocolate. But if you want to color your mirror glaze, we recommend that you make your glaze with white chocolate.

To color your mirror glaze, we recommend starting with a white mirror glaze (homemade or ready-made) and adding gel colors.

Gel colors are perfect for coloring mirror glaze because they don't change the texture of the glaze. This is very important in the case of mirror glaze.

So you can add one or more gel colors to your glaze to get the shade you want. We often use caramel, raspberry or yellow to remind us of seasonal fruit or caramel.

However, black and red are more complex colors to achieve. For these, opt for a ready-to-use preparation, that's our tip of the day. For black, it is preferable to use a chocolate glaze, the effect and the taste will be at the top and it will avoid you to use too much coloring.

How to get a glittery mirror glaze?

All of your entremets and mousse glazes can easily be turned into unicorn mode. It's simple and super chic with our glittery sequins that you simply add to your glaze.

Our glitter powders are perfect for this decorating choice. In fact, the silver glitter can be added to any color of glaze to add an intense shine.

What glucose for my homemade glaze? 

In this area, there is no need to worry. All our glucose can be used for your mirror glazes. We advise you to use the glucose in syrup which will guarantee you an ideal texture.

Powdered glucose must first be made into a syrup before it can be used in your recipe. It is not specifically used for mirror glazes.

Which gelatin to use, powder or sheet?

On this side, we have a very strong opinion. :o) With our experience, we can clearly advise you to use powdered gelatin to make your mirror glaze. The texture will be less gelatinous than if you use gelatin sheets and the cutting will be clean. No glaze that sticks to the knife.

Here are a few more links to help you make your mirror glaze as well as recipes to impress your guests with delicious entremets. You can read the articles in French or German.

Grid and drip tray

Glazing Set - grid and drip tray

27.90 CHF
45 x 33 cm
2 pcs
Callebaut white 28 % - 400g

Callebaut white chocolate 28 % - 400g

9.50 CHF
400 g

Mirror glaze white 250g

Mirror glaze white - 250g

10.90 CHF
250 g
Gold mirror glaze 250g

"Gold" mirror glaze - 250g

10.90 CHF
250 g

Mirror glazes in different colors

Mirror glazes in different colors

11.70 CHF
300 g

Cold Gel - 375g

Cold Glaze - 375g

7.70 CHF
375 g
Glucose syrup

Glucose syrup

9.40 CHF -20% 7.50 CHF
335 g

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