Halloween cake mould: create terrifying cakes

Halloween baking pan

Welcome to our category of cake molds specially designed for Halloween. Our options range from individual Halloween cake molds to scary Halloween cake molds, ensuring that every creation is a terrifying work of art. Each mold is precisely designed to guarantee impeccable details on every cake. Whether it be ghosts, bats, or witches, we have the mold you need. With such variety, you will surely be inspired to try new recipes. Make this Halloween the most memorable one with our exceptional molds.

Preparing scary and delicious cakes is an integral part of celebrating this enchanting holiday. Whether you are a pastry professional or a passionate amateur, our Halloween cake molds will help you create unique and memorable desserts. Discover our frightening selection below, like gore cake molds for truly striking effects. Get ready to impress your guests at your next Halloween party by using these indispensable tools in preparing your pastries. Our molds are also perfect for those looking for an easy Halloween recipe. They are simple to use, and the result is always stunning. Immerse yourself in the world of Halloween pastry with us!

Pumpkin cake mold

Add a festive touch to your Halloween dessert with our pumpkin-shaped cake mold. This iconic mold allows you to create cakes that perfectly evoke the spirit of the holiday. We have several kinds in different materials so that everyone can find what they are looking for. Browse our range of individual Halloween cake molds to create personalized desserts for each guest. Thanks to the quality of our molds, unmolding is easy and the result always neat. If you are looking to impress with a thematic cake, these molds are your best ally.

We also suggest you try our delicious "pumpkin choco hazelnut" recipe (available only in French or German) made with the "bloom 120" mold from Silikomart. This sublime recipe offers pretty little pumpkins made of a soft and creamy squash mousse paired with a crunchy hazelnut biscuit. The squash and hazelnut duo creates a perfect harmony of flavors, promising an extraordinary taste experience. By following our detailed recipe, even pastry beginners can impress their guests with a dessert that is not only beautiful to look at but also delicious to taste. Do not miss this opportunity to dazzle your guests with a dessert that is as beautiful as it is good.

To please your children or to offer a small gift to your loved ones, make cute little pumpkin-shaped chocolates that you can color orange with our colour mills. These creations, both cute and festive, will be the highlight of your evening. Moreover, the ease of use of our molds guarantees a stress-free process. Turn your kitchen into a real Halloween candy workshop. Each chocolate will be a delicious surprise for your guests and a pride for the baker.

Skull cake mold

For a macabre and mysterious atmosphere, opt for our skull mold. Unleash your creativity and create a pastry masterpiece that will attract all eyes and impress your guests. Your easy Halloween recipe will come to life with this ideal mold. With its precise details, this mold promises cakes that will be both delicious and scary. Imagine the astonished faces of your guests when they see your creation. Don't hesitate to add food coloring to enhance the effect.

To highlight your creations, we suggest you place your cake on one of our specially designed trays. Make sure to use the right accessories to showcase your cakes, adding a touch of professionalism to your presentations. Beautiful trays can really bring out the details of your cakes. Also, consider adding some edible decorations to enhance your creations.

Bloody witch's fingers

In our blog, we have a perfect idea to complete your Halloween experience. Try our "witch's fingers" recipe (available only in French or German) for a terrifying and delicious touch. These finger-shaped cookies are easy to prepare and are the ideal choice for a scary party. Let our detailed step-by-step guide you. Make a sensation with your guests by offering these frightening witch's fingers, accompanied by a little edible fake blood for an even more realistic touch. These cookies are not only delicious but will also be a talking point. Don't forget to take pictures before they are all devoured!

Halloween Cake Mold: The Ultimate Choice

Looking for the ideal Halloween cake mold? Look no further. Our range is designed to satisfy all desires, from the most gory to the most cute. Whether you choose a scary Halloween cake mold or a more classic model, our products guarantee a successful party. Browse our selection and let yourself be inspired by the many possibilities offered for a gourmet and terrifying Halloween. Each mold is tested to ensure the best quality. The possibilities are endless with our selection. Embark on the adventure and discover how fun it is to prepare cakes for Halloween.

Silicone mould candy Halloween

Halloween silicone candy mould

12.50 CHF
26,5 x 18 cm
24 pos
Halloween Silicone mould

Halloween - Silicone mould

17.80 CHF
1 pc
Pumpkins Silicone mould

Pumpkins - Silicone mould

16.50 CHF
1 pc
Chocolate mould Amleto

Chocolate mould "Amleto"

13.50 CHF
12 pos
Cake Decoration Halloween in paper

Cake Decoration "Halloween" in paper

6.50 CHF
6 cm
4 pcs
18 - 24cm