Basic forms

Cake pans basic shapes
Cake pans basic shapes
Basic forms
Set of 5 "heart" molds of 15 cm in non-stick material

Set of 5 "heart" molds of...

26.40 CHF

Silicone Mold "Tower"

32.90 CHF

Cake mold

5.40 CHF

Mid-high heart mold

9.90 CHF

Baking pan

31.90 CHF

rectangular mold A3 and A4

Rectangular cake mold,...

29.90 CHF

Choice square mold

High Square cake mold

12.40 CHF

3D "Sports Ball Pan" Set

18.90 CHF
Springform pans - diameter to choose

Springforms pans in...

15.50 CHF

molds, cake mold, savarin, to choose

Cake Molds "Savarin" - To...

12.50 CHF

Aluminum mold 10cm high

High cake mold

7.40 CHF

Aluminum mold 75mm high

Mid-high cake mold

6.50 CHF

Aluminum mold 5cm high

Moule à gâteaux bas

5.90 CHF

Sphere molds to choose

Hemispherical molds to choose

7.90 CHF