Various rectangular cake boxes to transport your creation

Rectangular Cake Box

Welcome to the enchanting world of confectionery with Cakelicious. We are here to accompany you at every step of your culinary journey, up to the presentation and transportation of your masterpieces. Our range of rectangular cake boxes perfectly showcases your creations, ensuring safe and aesthetic transportation for any occasion. They not only offer optimal protection but also an elegant presentation that highlights your skills. Each cake transported in one of our boxes heralds the culinary feast awaiting your guests.

Rectangular Cake Box: The All-in-one Solution

Our range of rectangular cake boxes is the perfect partner for both professional pastry chefs and hobby bakers. They adapt to a variety of creations, including the famous Number Cakes, Vacherin glacés, and Mille-feuilles. The option with an included tray ensures perfect dimensions and relieves you of the worry of finding the right base for your cake. Discover the joy of securely transporting your confectionery items, allowing you to focus on the essence, the art of baking, without worrying about transportation.

Rectangular Cake Box

Creating an unforgettable pastry also involves ensuring an optimized presentation and secure transportation. For this, the rectangular cake boxes from Cakelicious are your ideal allies. A closer look at these indispensable helpers:

  • Rectangular box with trays: No more worrying about finding the right tray! These boxes make your life easier by directly providing the appropriate tray. This ensures perfect stability for your rectangular creations during transportation.
  • Rectangular box with window: Showcase the beauty of your pastry through a transparent window. A visual preview that increases anticipation and allows your customers or guests to drool before opening the box. It is also an elegant way to present your cakes at sales or events.
  • Rectangular box with removable lid: For easy access and a neat presentation, choose our boxes with removable lids. This feature allows easy opening and avoids any risk of damaging your masterpiece when removing it from the box. A wise choice for detailed and fragile pastries.

Regardless of the option you choose, guarantee optimal protection and flawless presentation of your creations. Discover the entire range and opt for quality and practicality to safely transport and present your rectangular cakes.

Box with Transparent Window: Showcase Your Creations

Choose a box with a transparent window and let your customers or guests admire your creations before tasting them. This option offers a neat and professional presentation, ideal for showcasing the meticulous work invested in decorating your cakes, such as with our fantastic Number Cake Unicorn (available only in French or German). A fairy-tale cake that deserves a presentation that does justice to its creation. Allow guests to anticipate the taste experience through an appealing visual presentation. Stage your culinary creations and make mouths water at first glance.

Cake Packaging: Combining Safety and Aesthetics

Because every cake is a work of art, our range of cake packaging is designed to offer optimal protection while highlighting your creations. Whether you opt for a rectangular transport box or a rectangular cardboard box, rest assured of an elegant presentation and secure transportation. Check out our full selection to find the perfect packaging solution for your confectionery. We offer a wide range of solutions to ensure that every cake finds its perfect shell. Because every cake is unique, we do everything to help you find the ideal box.

The "Pure" Rectangular Box: The Partner for Your Number Cake Unicorn

Looking for the perfect packaging for your unicorn-themed Number Cake? Look no further! Our "Pure" rectangular box is the go-to choice for securely transporting your creation. Its specific construction ensures optimal stability, making it the ideal option for worry-free transportation. It was specially designed to safely transport your most precious creations. So, don't hesitate to choose this box; your unicorn cake will thank you!

Dear sweet tooth enthusiasts, dear customers, welcome to the wonderful world of pastry. Welcome to Cakelicious!

Cake Box 38 x 27 x 15 cm

Cake Box 38 x 27 x 15 cm

3.90 CHF
38 x 27 cm
15 cm
Cake Box + Rectangular Tray

Cake Box + Rectangular Tray

9.90 CHF
45 x 31 cm