Secure payments and prices

Definition of our prices and promotions

In the past, the purchase prices of our products were defined annually by our suppliers. From now on, the prices change continuously, this means that we adapt our prices each time we receive goods.

But this does not change our policy, we adapt our prices up and down to always offer you the most correct price.

That's why Cakelicious promotions and coupon codes are not commonplace. Every month, we thank our "best customers" with a 10% coupon for their next order (valid for 1 month). We like to thank people who take the time to give us feedback on customer review platforms (for example on Google and King-avis). That's why we regularly draw from the customer review lists to offer additional 10% off coupons.

We also have several product lines that have sliding scale prices depending on the quantity ordered. Trays, boxes and deco melts are good examples of products that regularly have discount prices activated. If you see the following icon superimposed on the product image, this indicates that you can get a discount based on the quantity ordered.

Here is another example of sliding scale pricing.

Volume discount prices

You can find our current offers on our special offers page. For example, discontinued models or short dates: we guarantee a best-before date that is at least three months away. As soon as the date approaches or falls below this limit, product prices are reduced to minimise waste.

Secure invoices and payments

Thanks to our different partners, you have the choice between several means of payment.

Postfinance cards, credit cards such as Mastercard and VISA and Twint payments are managed and processed via our partner WorldLine and its Saferpay interface. The payment is confirmed by an e-mail confirming the order status "Payment completed by Saferpay".

We deal directly with the partners described below, so their names will appear in your payment confirmations. These are for example the electronic payment methods Paypal and Swissbilling.

With Swissbilling, you can pay your order by invoice after you have received the goods. Unlike other payments, fees may be added depending on the options you choose. However, there are no fees if you choose to receive your invoice by e-mail and pay by e-banking.

Additional charges are added for sending invoices by post and paying at the post office counter, CHF 1.80 or CHF 2.50 respectively.

Please note: If the options you have selected are not followed (for example: payment at the counter instead of e-banking) or if you enter an incorrect address (e-mail or post), fees of between CHF 4.25 and CHF 30 may be incurred. We recommend that you consult the Swissbilling fees table below for more details.

When you choose to pay by invoice, you will have to accept the general terms and conditions of this partner which you can already consult under this link:

As well as their privacy policy :