Moule à gâteaux pour réaliser de jolis cakes à l'occasion de Pâques

Easter baking pan

Welcome to Cakelicious, where we celebrate Easter with passion and indulgence. Our selection of Easter cake molds is perfect for everyone who loves to celebrate this holiday with sweetness. With our molds, you can make number cakes, Easter doves, and many other festive cakes.

Easter number cake

This timeless dessert is adaptable to all themes, including Easter. Choose our templates for Easter Number Cake, in the shape of a bunny or a flower, to create a beautiful dessert with spring colors. Made from sponge cake or a shortbread biscuit, this essential dessert will delight your friends and family. For the final touch, use our various Easter dessert decorations and your creation will be a work of art.

Easter dove

Take your guests on a trip to Italy by making a beautiful Easter dove. This panettone, prepared only during the Easter season, will be the perfect accompaniment with coffee or tea. You will find several sizes of molds in our category, from small ones to gift to loved ones to large ones to share with your family and friends.

Flower cake

Create a lovely flower-shaped entremet to end your Easter meal on a sweet note. Choose one of our entremet recipes (only in French or German) from our blog and make it in one of our silicone molds. For a brunch or a snack, make pretty little chocolates or mini cakes in the shape of rabbits and eggs.

Easter cake

With our tart ring, make the famous Easter cake (only in French or German) from Central Switzerland, better known as Osterkuchen. An ancestral delicacy made for Easter. And for those who love Alsace, we have a lovely kougelhopf-flower mold. In summary, this category contains everything you need to make your Easter and spring cakes.

Easter cake mould

At Cakelicious, we provide everything you need to celebrate Easter with creativity and indulgence. Our Easter cake molds are designed to help you create creations as beautiful as they are delicious. From number cakes to doves, to flower-shaped cakes, let yourself be inspired by our range to make this Easter a memorable celebration for everyone.

Silicone Mold "Primavera"

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22 cm
Large Easter dove mold

Large Easter panetton dove mold

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