Cake decoration, from sugars to candles

Cake decoration

Decorate your celebrations with Cakelicious!

Every celebration, whether it's a birthday, wedding, or baby shower, deserves a unique decoration. Cakelicious offers a diverse range to brighten every festive moment.


Elevate Your Cakes

Making a cake is great. Decorating it is even better. With our cake decoration range, customize each creation according to the theme of your party. Whether you're looking for edible decorations for your cake or stencils to add a touch of whimsy, Cakelicious has everything you need!


Transform Every Corner of Your Party

It's not just the cake that should shine. With our party decorations, adorn every corner of your space. Garlands to dance under the stars, paper straws to enjoy your drinks, and pinatas for the delight of both young and old.


A Memorable Birthday Table

Set up a table that will dazzle your guests. Our birthday table decoration products such as candles, toppers, and inflatable balloons will provide the final touch that will turn your table into a true feast for the eyes.


Ambiance and Pleasure: The Key to a Successful Party

Beyond the table, the overall atmosphere of your celebration venue is essential. Our party ambiance decoration products are designed to create a world that will delight your guests and make every moment unforgettable. Find them categorized by themes in our Birthday and Event section, where over 50 different themes are available.


Home Inspiration for Your Decor

If you're looking for ideas to complete your decoration, our blog (only available in French or German) is full of gems. Our decorated biscuits with royal icing recipe is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your table. And for even more inspiration, don't hesitate to follow us on our social networks, Facebook and Instagram, to discover the latest trends and share your own creations!


Join the Cakelicious Community

Every cake, every decoration, every party is a story to tell. We, at Cakelicious, are thrilled to be by your side for each celebration. Together, let's make every moment an unforgettable memory.

Wooden bunny ears cake topper

Wooden bunny ears cake topper

6.90 CHF
11 cm
Cake Topper Garland

Cake Topper "Garland"

4.40 CHF
11 x 20 cm

sugar decos "mermaid and shells"

5.90 CHF
6 pcs
Chocolate pen  15 colors

Chocolate flavour pens color choice

3.90 CHF
25 g