Log box for transporting your Christmas logs or cakes

Christmas log box

Welcome to our Christmas log box category, specially designed for all gourmand creators and lovers of seasonal pastry. At Cakelicious, we understand that every creation is unique, and that is why we offer a varied range of boxes to satisfy all tastes and needs. Whether you are preparing Christmas logs, cakes, or other delights, you will find the perfect box to present them here. Our boxes not only add an aesthetic touch but also protect your pastries during transport. They are also an excellent option for offering your creations as gifts during the holiday season.

Christmas Box

In this festive season, what could be better than a beautiful Christmas box to enhance and transport your pastry creations? Discover our boxes with festive designs, incorporating elements such as holly or stars, to bring a touch of magic to your gourmet gifts. Each box is designed to add a festive note to your delights, making them even more special. They are also functional and allow safe transport of your pastries. Don’t miss the opportunity to surprise your loved ones with perfectly presented and protected cakes.

Christmas Cake Box

Each Christmas cake box has been designed to secure and highlight your creations, including the most fragile ones. Whether it is a homemade log or a traditional cake, our boxes guarantee safe transport and impeccable presentation. Explore our collection that offers varied designs, able to delight everyone, from amateurs to professionals. Add a touch of elegance and preserve the authentic taste of your Christmas cakes by transporting them in our boxes specially designed for this purpose.

Cake Box

The cake box is your ally for easily transporting your cakes and other treats. Available in several models, they are perfect for preserving the freshness of your creations while facilitating their transport. Our cake boxes are designed to accommodate different sizes, thus guaranteeing that your treats will arrive in perfect condition at their destination. With our boxes, transporting your cakes becomes a breeze, allowing you to share your creations with family and friends with ease. Opt for quality and practicality with our dedicated cake boxes.

Christmas Log Box

Choose the ideal Yule log box to showcase your festive creations. Our rectangular models are specially designed to accommodate your Christmas logs and cakes, ensuring safe transport thanks to their ingenious separations that protect each creation from any damage. In addition to the optimal protection they offer, our boxes are also aesthetically pleasing, adding a note of elegance to your creations. They are also perfect for storing your logs in the fridge while maintaining their freshness. Select your favorite Yule log box and give your creations the presentation they deserve.

For gourmet inspiration, feel free to explore our blog where you will find exquisite recipes like the Starlight Christmas Log (available only in French or German), a true masterpiece made with passion fruit mousse, a frozen passion insert and raspberry mousse, all resting on a delicious Joconde biscuit. Discover the secrets of this recipe and others, and present your creations in our Yule log boxes, making each occasion an unforgettable moment. Indulge in a moment of creativity and gourmet pleasure by following our tips and tricks for making the perfect Yule log.

We invite you to discover our joyful holiday Yule log box, the ideal solution for transporting and presenting your festive creations with style and elegance. Find the box that resembles you and make each moment an unforgettable gourmet celebration with Cakelicious. Take advantage of our high-quality Yule log boxes to offer your creations in the most appealing way possible, thus ensuring a warm reception with each presentation.

At Cakelicious, we celebrate the passion for pastry by offering a range of Yule log boxes designed to highlight, protect, and facilitate the transport of your gourmet creations. Whether you are an amateur looking to impress your loved ones or a professional eager to present your works impeccably, our collection is here to meet all your needs. By choosing our boxes, you opt for quality, aesthetics, and functionality, ensuring that your Christmas logs and cakes arrive at their destination as perfect as at the time of their creation. Discover our selection now and bring the perfect final touch to your festive creations. We invite you to turn each occasion into a memorable moment with the Yule log boxes.

Log box "Joyeux fête gourmande"

Log box "Joyeuses Fêtes gourmandes"

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Log box "Joyeuses fêtes"

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Christmas log boxes with handle Kraft

Christmas log boxes with handle - Kraft

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11 cm

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