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Halloween cookie cutter

Halloween cake cutters

Are you looking for a fun baking idea to do with the kids? Do you want to make a cake that stands out to impress your guests? To do this, take the time to choose cookie cutters with fun shapes that align with the Halloween theme. With patterns such as pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, zombies, or even bats, you will arouse enthusiasm and joy among the youngest ones. Preparing the cakes thus becomes a playful activity that precedes the tasting of your creations.

We have several recipes for you! Create adorable cakesicles in a cheesecake and apple version, ready to be decorated with Deco Melts according to your wishes. If that doesn't inspire you, we suggest you try our Halloween monster cakes (available only in French or German). These are made from a chocolate cake that you can later cut into slices. Let your imagination run wild for the decoration! Need inspiration? Watch our video on our monster-shaped cakes (available only in French). Vary the textures and colors to obtain a result that is as beautiful as it is good. Showcase your artistic talents and surprise your guests with unique cakes.

In our store, we have a "Petit Beurre" kit specially created for this celebration. A snack appreciated by both young and old, which is timeless. Also, take a look at our set of 4 Halloween cookie cutters (ghost, pumpkin, bat, skull). For a successful party, adorn your table with treats made with these quality accessories. Your creations will not only be delicious but also perfectly themed for the delight of the eyes and taste buds.

Moreover, Wilton manufactures Halloween cookie cutters in plastic, which are more practical than the stainless steel ones for children. They allow for easier handling of the dough and creating precise shapes without getting hurt. Make safety a priority without compromising the quality of your cookies and cakes.

Halloween cookies

In preparation for Halloween, why not introduce your children to the making of cookies specially designed for the event? Using our Halloween cookie cutters, create cookies shaped like scary pumpkins, ghosts, and more. The secret to successful cookies lies in choosing fresh and quality ingredients. With our tips, even budding cooks will manage to make proper cookies.

Invite your children to participate in the decoration. An orange and black icing, typical of Halloween, along with small sugar decorations will add a touch of originality to your cookies. The possibilities are endless and guarantee a fun and creative moment before the eagerly awaited party. Let yourself be guided by the overflowing imagination of the little ones and discover the pleasure of creating together. A cookie workshop is also an opportunity to develop their creativity while having fun.

Easy Halloween biscuits

At Cakelicious, we ensure that everyone can join the party, including baking beginners! That's why we have compiled for you easy and quick Halloween biscuit recipes (only in french or German). You don't need to be an expert to create scary and delicious biscuits. A bit of preparation, our special tools, and your good mood are all you need. So put on your aprons and get ready for a moment of tasty and fun creation.

Imagine biscuits shaped like witch's fingers, bats, and even smiling pumpkins - all this is possible with a little creativity and the right tools. Don't miss our tips and tricks to make this activity child's play! Awaken your senses and those of your children by exploring different textures and flavors. An activity that promises beautiful moments of sharing and indulgence, where each biscuit becomes a work of art.

Our different Halloween cookie cutters 

  • Halloween Mix and Match to make delicious mirrored biscuits
  • Set of mini Halloween cookie cutters including 6 different shapes (pumpkin, skull, witch, ghost, house and bat)
  • Halloween cookie cutters + stencils to make your own customised biscuits

Biscuit decoration

To bring your biscuits to life, the best solution is to decorate them. So many options are available to you! Combine different decorating techniques to create original and unique biscuits. You could even organize a biscuit decoration contest to spice things up and stimulate everyone's creativity.

For example, you could make royal icing and place small sugar decorations on top. Colored pastry fondant with gel colors is also an option. We used it for our mini Halloween donuts. A flagship product for biscuit decoration is the chocolate taste pen, available in 15 different colors. It will be perfect for drawing details. Explore various decoration options and don't hesitate to mix different styles for a breathtaking result.

Here are just a few ideas among many others. Let your imagination run wild, and the Halloween theme will hold no secrets for you! With our products, you are equipped to succeed in all your preparations. So go ahead and surprise your guests with incredibly decorated and tasty biscuits.

Cookie Cutter "Dog Bone" - 8.5 cm

Cookie Cutter "Bone" - 8.5 cm

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Reseable candy bags Halloween

Reseable candy bags - Halloween

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