Metallic sprays and pearly food sprays

Metallic sprays and pearly food sprays

Our food sprays are incredibly effective. Their covering power will blow you away. It is a very good alternative and a complement to gel colors. Unlike gel colors that color the entire mass, spray cans allow you to color the surface of the food product without coloring the inside.

White fondant decorations or a cake covered with ganache to color in gold or pearly pink? No problem. After shaking your spray paint can well, spray your decorations or your cake on all sides and let dry. 

That's it, your decorations are now a shiny gold or pearly pink depending on the spray you choose.

Brightly detailed cake

I remember a mom who came into the store wanting to make a truck-shaped birthday cake for her son. A challenge launched by her son!

His mom successfully met the challenge by making a 3D truck, covered with fondant.

To make certain elements stand out, we advised her to spray the rims and the exhaust pipe with a silver metallic spray to create the chrome effect of the vehicle. The result was more real than life!

Moreover, the sprays do not alter the taste of the sprayed dessert. So you can imagine coloring pastries or cookies that will be used as decoration.

Metallic sprays available in our Decora line

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Ruby
  • Rosa Gold
  • Orange (copper)
  • Purple
  • Red

Pearly sprays available in our Decora line

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Pearl

Shiny gold coins for the pirate chest

Let your imagination run wild! The possibilities with these glossy sprays are endless.

A pirate-themed birthday party? Create chocolate or cookie gold coins and shiny, sparkly jewelry to fill the pirate's chest.

It's easy with our metallic and pearly sprays. Whether on chocolate, cookies or even fondant, the result will be amazing. Gold coins, ruby jewelry or a bronze statue... Everything is possible.

Can we also use the metallic sprays on chocolate?

Yes, you can give a great effect on your pralines with our pearly or metallic sprays.

With a stencil, create very precise designs on your homemade chocolate plates or on your fondant. 

Don't forget to protect your work surface so that you only paint the desired objects and not your entire kitchen.

What is a pearly effect?

A pearly color has a rainbow effect in the reflection. The color will shine with colored reflections depending on the relief and light. 

The inside of a shell for example is sometimes pearly. So are the scales of a mermaid.

Metallic spray green

Metallic spray "green"

12.90 CHF
75 ml
Metallic spray blue

Metallic spray "blue"

12.90 CHF
75 ml
Metallic spray Gold

Metallic spray "gold"

16.90 CHF
150 ml
Metallic sprays

Metallic sprays

12.90 CHF
75 ml

Pearly spray pink

Pearly sprays

12.70 CHF -50% 6.35 CHF
75 ml

  • Reduced price