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Tart shell

Welcome to the tasty and innovative world of Cakelicious. We understand how time can sometimes be a limiting factor when it comes to crafting your favorite pastries. That is why we have developed a special range of ready-to-use tart bases, which will be your best allies in whipping up quick and delightful desserts. Our tart bases are the perfect solution for those looking to save time without compromising on quality. They are the secret ingredient for preparations that will wow your guests.

Tartlet Bases: Simplicity at your Fingertips

Discover the astonishing ease of preparing tartlets with our ready-to-fill tartlet bases. Whether you are a fan of our blackberry-lemon tart (available only in french or German) or you prefer lemon or strawberry tartlets, our bases are ideal for all your creations. In addition to saving you time, they ensure a perfect texture and taste every time. Our tartlet bases are here to foster your culinary aspirations, providing a blank canvas for your pastry masterpieces. Choosing our products means opting for quality, convenience, and the guarantee of a successful outcome.

Tart Base

At Cakelicious, we think of everyone, including our vegan friends! So, we came up with super handy vegan round tart bases, available in a pack of 9, to dive into tart making without any hassle. They are ready to use and just waiting for your wild topping ideas. And because we are all food lovers at heart, we encourage you to try vegan recipes: it's good for the planet and mega delicious too! Go ahead, impress your buddies with tarts that are as good as they are responsible, all without breaking the bank in time and energy. Dive in to discover all that you can do with them and enjoy without any guilt!

Homemade Tartlets: Express your Creativity

Our tart bases offer you an unmatched opportunity to express your creativity. They are the ideal starting point for creating homemade tartlets filled with your favorite ingredients. Explore a multitude of recipes, from the traditional lemon tartlet to the indulgent strawberry tartlet, and let your imagination run wild. Take advantage of our tips and recipes on our blog to bring breathtaking creations to life. Remember, each tartlet is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece.

Edible Cake Decorations: The Final Touch

Once your tart base is ready, it's time to move on to the next step: decoration. In our edible cake decorations category, you will find everything you need to give your creations the final touch. Be it with chocolate pearls, small meringues, or edible lace, each element has been carefully selected to enable you to create edible works of art. Moreover, don't forget to check out our video tutorial where we show you how to pipe a tart to perfection, adding an elegant touch to your pastry creations.

Whether you are a novice or experienced baker, our tart bases are here to help you succeed every time. Together, we can make every moment an opportunity to enjoy a delicious pastry, prepared with love and adorned with a touch of creativity. Because every tartlet deserves to be special, we are here to help you realize your sweet dreams.