Celebrate love on Valentine's Day and Mother's Day

Valentine - Mother's Day

Welcome to the delightful Cakelicious world, where sweetness meets love. We celebrate two special moments with a sweet touch: Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. These occasions are the perfect opportunity to express your affection with homemade delights.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on February 14th. This day is considered by many people around the world to be the day of lovers. It's an opportunity for couples to exchange love words, offer chocolates, red roses (the color of love and passion), and more. For others, it's a chance to share a romantic moment just the two of them, either over a good meal at a restaurant or at home.

Valentine's Day recipe

To celebrate Valentine's Day in the perfect way, a dessert to share with your loved one is essential. Whether it's cupcakes, cookies, desserts, cheesecakes, or number cakes, it doesn't matter as long as there are hearts involved. Do you want to try making a heart-shaped number cake? Let our Valentine's Day Number Cake recipe be your guide (recipe available only in French or German).

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated every year in many countries. The date varies from one country to another. It's certainly a highly anticipated day for every mother. It's an opportunity for children to shower their beloved mothers with love and gifts to thank them for everything they do. As with Valentine's Day, Mother's Day is all about the colour red and hearts.

Mother's Day gift

On this occasion, children give their cherished mum gifts, flowers, or handmade objects made at school, but they also offer cakes, cookies, and chocolates made with the help of their dad, nanny, or grandparents. We offer a variety of cake molds and accessories to create unique homemade gourmet gifts.

Homemade gourmet gifts

Homemade gourmet gifts are always appreciated, especially when they come from our children. Make delicious chocolate bars with our heart-shaped chocolate mold or decorate delightful cupcakes with a "Love" medley. For creative ideas, check out our Chocolate Bars recipe (recipe available only in French or German).

Valentine's Day – Mother's Day

At Cakelicious, we are delighted to accompany you in celebrating two very special occasions: Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. These holidays are perfect moments to express love and appreciation towards our loved ones. Whether it's sharing a romantic dessert for Valentine's Day or baking a heartwarming cake for Mother's Day, we provide everything you need for these sweet creations. Let your imagination run wild and create treats that speak to the hearts of your beloved. With Cakelicious, every preparation becomes a tribute to love and tenderness, turning these celebrations into unforgettable memories.

Put passion into your cooking and melt hearts with unique sweet creations. At Cakelicious, we are proud to accompany you in these special moments. Celebrate love and gratitude with heart-warming homemade treats.