Tapis en silicone "SILPAT" - 40x30cm
  • Tapis en silicone "SILPAT" - 40x30cm

silicone mat "SILPAT" - 40x30cm


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  WidthLength ( x Width) : 40 x 30 cm
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Silpat cooking cloth 40x30 cm

Silpat (formerly Exopat) is made of glass knit coated with edible silicone: glass knit gives it resistance and conduction of heat, and the silicone brings it l Anti-stick.

The Silpat pastry cloth is multi-purpose, since you can prepare, cook or thaw your preparations without any difficulty.
It is suitable for all the cooking of your pasta pastry (meringues, cat tongues, tiles ...) and is ideal for the work of sugar and nougatine: you can make your decorations in caramel without ever Attach. It is ideal for working delicate decorations, such as caramel tiles or lace, or fragile such as fruit crisps.

It is also very practical for thawing or reheating quiches, pizzas or tarts.

The Silpat cooking cloth is soft, non-stick and reusable.
It can withstand continuously from -40 ° C to + 300 ° C. Its use ranges from the freezing of the preparations to the baking.
The fabric can be placed in the hot oven directly at the outlet of the freezer without any risk of degradation.

For optimal use the fabric must be placed on a stainless steel grill or on a preferably perforated baking tray in order to promote the diffusion of heat during cooking.
Its completely smooth surface allows a perfect release of the preparations without any need of prior grease.

Sponge Cleaning

Strong points :

- multi-purpose

- soft, non-stick

- resists from -40 ° C to + 300 ° C

Product Features:

Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm

Silpat silicone coated glass cloth

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