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Look at these cute little forest animals made of sugar. They will be perfect to decorate cupcakes or a cake.

6 pretty sugars in the shape of a raccoon, acorn, mushroom, fox, doe and owls. Something to amaze your child for his birthday.

Ingredients: Powdered sugar, water, starch, gums (E401, E466, E415, E405, E412), food coloring: cochineal, curcumin, vegetable carbon, bright blue FCF, egg albumin.

Sugar size: approx 3-4cm

Nutritional values per 100 g

energy 1657 kJ, 396 kcal
fat (of which satured) 0 g (0 g)
carbohydrate (of which sugar) 97 g (96 g)
protein 0 g
salt 23 mg

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