Ice cream stabilizer
  • Ice cream stabilizer

Ice cream stabilizer

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It's time to make your homemade ice cream! Summer is coming and what better than a good ice cream for a snack!

That stabilizer will allow you to give a good texture to your ice cream.

It is used for making ice creams and whipped creams.

The ice stabilizer has several advantages:
- it improves the viscosity of the mixture and the creaming power,
- it delays the melting,
- it emulsifies and stabilizes the components
- it gives a creamy finished product.

Dosage: 3 to 4gr per liter. Add the stabilizer with the sugar. Then put the mixture into the milk and let it stand 15 minutes to allow the mix to thik. Then continue your recipe normally.

Ingredients: glucose syrup, E410 thickener, E401 - E407 gelling agents, E471 emulsifier.

Use in foodstuffs.

Usage tips provided on the package.

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