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There is a real difference in texture between gelatin powder and gelatin sheet. With this porcine gelatin, your preparations will keep the smoothness that the gelatin sheet does not provide at all. You can use one or the other in your recipes and you can also integrate it in hot or cold preparations.

Use: Pour the gelatin into cold water. To do this, add 6 times its weight in water (ex: for 2g of gelatin, hydrate in 12 g of water). Mix and let it swell for 3 minutes. Add the mixture directly to your hot preparation and mix well. Gelatin should not be integrated into a boiling preparation as it would lose its gelling effect.

Ingredients: food gelatin (porcine origin). May contain traces of nuts, gluten, eggs, milk, sesame seeds, lupine and soy.
Directions for use: Keep away from light and moisture after opening. For foodstuffs: limited use. Do not ingest as is. Do not inhale. Do not put in the eyes. Close well after use.

Net weight: 50g

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