Gélatine en Poudre - 60g
  • Gélatine en Poudre - 60g

Gelatine Powder - 60g


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  Weight : 60 g
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Pure gelatine powder of excellent quality. This natural gelling agent, entirely based on beef skin. This gelatin has a Bloom index of 150.

Gelatin powder is indicated for binding and thickening creams, mousses, bavarois, custards and fruit jams. Add 20 grams of gelatin to obtain the correct thickening per liter and 40 grams for a blank that does not run.

Preparation: Pour the necessary quantity of powdered gelatin into the liquid. Heat up to 40 ºC while mixing to dissolve the gelatin. Warning ! Preparation should not be cooked! Let cool and take the mixture in the refrigerator.

Gelatine can not be used with the following fresh fruits: pineapple, kiwi, papaya, mango and ginger.

Ingredient: bovine gelatin (E441). Bloom 150.

Allergens: gluten-free, Kosher.

Content: 60 gram.

Nutritional values per 100 g

energy 1398 kJ, 334 kcal
fat (of which satured) 0,0 g (0,0 g)
carbohydrate (of which sugar) 0,5 g (0,0g)
protein 83,9 g
salt 0,0 g

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