Gel Food Colors Progel in various colors
  • Gel Food Colors Progel in various colors
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - lemon
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - yellow
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - cream
  • Colorants gel "Progel" baby Pink
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - bright green
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - chestnut
  • Colorants gel "Progel" - turquoise
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - red
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - orange
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - strawberry
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - ruby
  • Colorants gel "Progel" - violet
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - pink
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - peach
  • Gel Food Color "Progel" - red wine
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - navy blue
  • Colorants gel "Progel" - bleu ciel
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - baby blue
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - Aqua
  • "Progel" - holly green
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - leaf green
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - lime green
  • Colorants gel "Progel ochre
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - brown
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - grey
  • Gel Food Coloras "Progel" - Black
  • Colorants gel "Progel" - azure
  • Gel Food Colors fraise
  • sapphir

Gel Food Colors "Progel" in various colors

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Do you want to color your marzipan, sugar paste, butter cream, whipped cream, ganache or cookie dough? Be careful: This gel is not suitable for coloring pure chocolate.

If you are looking for concentred colors, here is what you need: "Progel" gel food colors.

With these colors, you could create a gradient with only one tube of gel :) The less you use, the more pastel the color will be. But, we reassure you, to obtain a bright color, you will not need to empty the tube because a few "drops" are enough.

Directions for use: Add a little gel (to the fondant/marzipan, cookie dough) and knead to obtain an uniform color. Repeat until the desired color is obtained.

You will have the choice between 28 different colors. You just have to select the desired color from the drop-down menu, chose the quantity and add to your basket. 

Ingredients: Glycerine, silicon dioxide, propylene glycol.

Additional ingredients per color: 

Aqua: colorants E133, E104*

Baby Blue: colorants E133, E122*

Sky Blue: colorant E133

Ice Blue: colorant E133

Navy Blue: colorants E133, E122*, E155

Claret: colorants E133, E122*

Burgundy: colorants E122*, E129*, E133

Brown: colorants E133, E155

Caramel: colorants E102*, E155

Chestnut: colorant E155

Cream: colorants E155, E104*

Strawberry: colorants E129*, E122*

Grey: colorants E124*, E104*, E133

Yellow: colorant E102*

Lemon: colorants E104*, E110*

Black: colorants E124*, E104*, E133

Orange: colorants  E110*, E124*

Peach: colorant E110

Pink: colorant E122*

Red: colorants E129*, E124*

Baby Pink: colorants E124*, E129*, E122*

Ruby: colorants E129*, E122*

Turquoise: colorants E133, E104*

Lime Green: colorants E102*, E133

Bright Green: colorants E104*, E133

Leaf Green: colorants E102*, E133, E155

Holly Green: colorants E104*, E133, E155

Purple: colorants E122*, E133

Lilac: colorants: E122*, E133*

Baby Pink: E129, E122, E124

Sapphire: E133, E122

*E102, E104, E110, E122, E124, E129: may have adverse effects on activity and attention in children. 

Allergens: Nut, GMO and gluten free, this product certified kosher and halal is suitable for vegetarians.

Content of each tube: 25 g 

No nutritional information

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