25 edible sheets in sugar
  • 25 edible sheets in sugar

25 edible sheets in sugar


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  WidthLength ( x Width) : A4
  quantity : 25 pcs
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A birthday or a special event cake always deserves a special decoration. 

If you feel like an artist or if you want to involve your kids in the decoration, here is a pack of 25 edible sheets in sugar that will be perfect to decorate as you wish.

You could use food pens or a food printer to print your photos from your album. 

Each sheet is placed on a thin plastic sheet that will allow you to easily handle your sheets. If you are using them for printing, you will need to insert the plastic edge first. 

These sugar sheets can be places on wet surfaces such as whipped cream, creams or mousses. Even though they are little more resistant than the wafer paper sheets, we still recommend you to put your sugar sheets on your cake at the last minute so you will prevent them from being deform by the humidity of the fridge. 

Ingredients: Starch E1422, E1412, maltodextrin, glycerin, sugar, water, stabilizers E414, E460i, dextrose, emulsifiers E435, E491, E471 (palm oil), coloring E170, flavor, preservatives E202, E330, sweetener (sucralose). All the ingredients are of vegetable origin.

Size: A4 - 29.7 x 21 cm

Contains: 25 sheets

Storage: Do not store the sheets in a place too hot or too cold.

Nutritional values per 100 g

energy 1510 kJ, 361 kcal
fat (of which satured) 0,0 g (0,0 g)
carbohydrate (of which sugar) 89 g (14 g)
protein 0,2 g
salt 0,2 g

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