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  quantity : 101 pcs
  Diameter : 5 à 10 cm
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Equipped with this cookie cutter kit, you will have all the forms necessary for the realization of decorations on various themes! You will tell us, but what themes? Here they are: Sport, holidays, flowers, animals and many more! With all this, there is in this kit also the complete alphabet and numbers.

You can also decorate your biscuits with your sugar / almond paste, lower, press with your cookie cutter and you're done!

Dimensions: from 5 to 10 cm

Contents: letters from A to Z, question mark, numbers from 1 to 8, 3 hearts of different sizes, 3 hearts with scalloped edges of different sizes, a double heart, a pierced heart of an arrow, a rabbit's head, an egg, a butterfly, a flower, a sun, a tulip, a cross, a rabbit, 2 pumpkins of different sizes, a ghost, a moon, a creepy cat, a haunted house, a witch, a bald -mouse, a boy, a girl, 2 Christmas trees of different sizes, a candy, a snowman, a warehouse, a bell, a foot, a hand, a boot, a cowboy hat, a shooting star , a flag, 3 circles of different sizes, 3 stars of different sizes, 3 scalloped circles of different sizes, a bone, a dog, a fish, 2 bears of different sizes, a duck, a stegosaurus, a tyrannosaurus rex, a champion's cup, a baseball cap, an American football helmet, a football, a train, a car, an airplane, a fire truck and a dump truck.

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