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At Cakelicious we always endeavour to offer a quality service! We also offer attractive offers throughout the year to help you save money. ;-)

We invite you to discover all these offers and enjoy the Cakelicious experience!

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Don't miss our offers!

Every week there is an attractive offer that is displayed both in a pop-up and under the search field on our website.

Whether it's offers from top brands such as Silikomart or Scrapcooking, birthday themes or recipes, there's something for every taste and, above all, every budget! 

Discover our special offers here:

After each season, there are great discounts on a large selection of products to make space for new products. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase new products at attractive prices!

At Cakelicious, we do our best not to waste anything and want to fight against food waste.

For this reason, we have introduced special discounts for food-products that is approaching its expiry date. This initiative is not only to ensure that products are consumed responsibly, but also to offer our customers favourable prices for quality products.

The discounts for these products depend on how close the best-before date is:

6 to 3 months before the best-before date: The products have a discount between -10% and -20%

3 to 1 month before the best-before date: The products have a discount between -20% and -50%

Loyalty programme

Become part of the Cakelicious family by becoming a loyal customer. Take advantage of our loyalty programme to receive a -10% discount on your next order. Our most loyal customers (the customers who have placed the most orders during the month, approximately 5%) will receive this exclusive discount.

Unfortunately, guest accounts cannot benefit from this advantage.

Create your account now so that you can receive the discount codes issued each month.

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Collaboration and partnerships

If you follow us on social media, you will notice that we regularly collaborate with influencers such as Mrs Martinez Cooks and Mademoiselle Karine. These partnerships, which we are proud of, enrich our community and are often a good opportunity to pick up a little promo code here and there. :-) So keep an eye out for discount codes that may pop up at any time!

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At Cakelicious, every day is an opportunity to celebrate baking and share our passion. We look forward to welcoming you to our big family of foodies!