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Airbrush food dyes various colours available


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An absolutely beautiful airbrush paint!

You can create magical decorations with this colourant that will give colour, reflection and depth to your creations!

These paints are used with a professional airbrush but not only! You can use them as food paint applied with a sponge or a brush.

Multiple coats with a brush or airbrush can be useful to enhance the intensity of the colour.

Shake well before use.

Common ingredients: water, ethanol 18%

Ingredients according to dye references:

- Yellow: E102*
- Orange: E110*.
- Red: E124*, E104*
- Dark red: E124*, E155
- Pink: E122*
- Purple: E122*, E133
- Dark Blue: E133, E122*
- Light Blue: E133
- Turquoise: E102*, E133
- Light Green: E104*, E133
- Dark Green: E155, E133, E102*
- Autumn Gold: E102*, E155
- Brown: E155, E133
- Black: E124*, E133, E102*,
- White: E171

*Caution, may impair children's attention, consume with moderation



Content: 60ml

No nutritional information 

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