Chocolate molds PRO "sphere"
  • Chocolate molds PRO "sphere"

Chocolate molds PRO "sphere"

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Do you have a sudden urge to make pralines either as a gift or to enjoy a good movie with your family?

Here is our assortment of polycarbonate molds that will allow you to make half-spheres that you can fill according to your desire.

You can also assemble your half-spheres in order to create a perfect ball, and for this, all you have to do is to heat your 2 half-spheres on the back of a saucepan slightly and stick them together :)

Polycarbonate is the ideal ally for working with chocolate because it will allow you to unmould it very easily.

Choice of sizes:

- ∅ 2.7 cm - 32 cavities x 6g/cavity

- ∅ 3 cm - 24 cavities x 9g/cavity

- ∅ 5 cm - 12 cavities x 40g/cavity

- ∅ 7 cm - 6 cavities x 113g/cavity

Maintenance: Wash the mold only in hot water and let it dry well. Before the first use and after each use, pass a little absorbent cotton in each cavity to remove impurities.

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