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  • Colour Mill oil-based dye - choice of colour

Colour Mill oil-based dye

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Would you like to colour your preparations such as chocolates, ganaches or even your whipped cream?

These oil-based colourings from Colour Mill are perfect for adding colour to your preparations. 

Available in several colours, these fat-soluble dyes are highly concentrated.

A few drops are enough to give a vivid colour to your butter creams, meringues, cake batter or sugar dough. 

Differences between fat-soluble and water-soluble food colouring

This new generation of fat-soluble dyes is oil-based (lipo). It is really powerful and designed to colour other oil-based products.

As mentioned above as an example, chocolate and all its derivatives such as ganache are typical preparations for the use of these dyes. They are also suitable for all cream- and oil-based products.

On the other hand, water-soluble dyes, i.e. water-based dyes, cannot be used for oil-based products because they will not mix and could even cause the preparation to slice. Just as when you put oil in water, the two elements do not mix.

We offer other so-called "gel dyes" which are great and also resistant to cooking to colour all your non-fatty masses. These are offered as associated products and we recommend the Progel or Funcakes brand.

Boost your colours

With the Booster, you can add a bit of pep to obtain brilliant results. 

You can choose from 30 different colours.

Simply select the desired colour with the drop-down menu, choose the quantity and add to your basket.

If unfortunately a value is "greyed out", it means that we are out of stock on this reference. 

Content: 20 ml

Common ingredients: humectant E422, rapeseed oil, emulsifier: E322, E433

Name of the colours

To make it easier for you to choose the colours, we have decided to translate the specific Color Mill names into common colours.

Here are the correspondences between our names and the colours on the products.

Colour Mill name
Ingredients additional per colour Maximum dosage
Booster Booster humectant E422, rapeseed oil, emulsifier: E322, E433 no limit
Cobalt Blau colour: E133 1.25g/kg
Baby blue Baby blue colour: E133, E132 7.14g/kg
Sky blue Sky blue colour: E133 5g/kg
Navy Navy blue colour: E133, E132, E129* 1.43g/kg
Midnight Midnight blue colour: E172, E132, E120 1.51g/kg
Teal Teal blue colour: E133, E102*  3.33g/kg
Royal Royal blue colour: E133, E120 1.43g/kg
Caramel Caramel colour: E172 no limit
Chocolate Chocolate colour: E172 no limit
Lemon Lemon colour: E102*  5g/kg
Lime Lime colour: E102*, E133 2g/kg
Raspberry Raspberry colour: E120  1.66g/kg
Fuchsia Fuchsia colour: E120, E133 1.42g/kg
Concrete Concrete gray colour: E172 no limit
Yellow Yellow colour: E102*  1.31g/kg
Lavander Lavander colour: E132, E120 4.16g/kg
Black Black colour: E153 (charbon végétal) no limit
Clay Clay colour: E172 no limit
Olive Olive colour: E102*, E133, E172 1.43g/kg
Orange Orange colour: E110*  1.35g/kg
Peach Peach colour: E110* 7.14g/kg
Rose Pink colour: E120, E133 4.54g/kg
Baby Pink Baby Pink colour: E120 5g/kg
Candy Candy Pink colour: E120, E132 6.25g/kg
Red Red colour: E129* 1.43g/kg
Tiffany Tiffany colour:  E133, E102* 4.16g/kg
Green Green colour: E102* 1.43g/kg
Forest Forest green colour: E102*, E133  1.43g/kg
Grape Grape purple colour: E120 1.56g/kg

*May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

No nutritional information

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