Chocolate cereal bar

Published : 08/02/2018 20:23:15
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Hello, hello!

Here on fribourg, we have already done more than half of our school holidays and we must kindly think about going back to school...

I therefore have a great recipe to offer you to fill the small snacks of recreation or sports outings with the family.

I propose you a chocolate cereal bar's recipe... In a way, Balisto! 

You will see it is super simple to do and really fast. Realisation time 15min and cooking time 20min.


For this, you will need a a financier silicone mold or a mini logs mold

I have tested both molds and honestly both are really great for cereal bars! 

It's time for the recipe! For this, you will need: 


30gr sunflowers seeds

80gr oat flakes

80gr puffed cereals

80gr chocolate chips

50gr butter

120gr sweet condensed milk


To start, mix sunflowers seeds, oat flakes and puffed cereals in a bowl.  

I found this little mix of puffed cereals at the supermarket Coop and I find it AWEsome!


Once the ingredients well mixed, pour the butter and the sweet condensed milk in a saucepan and bring both ingredients to a boil. Then pour the liquid into your cereals and mix with a fork. 


Once the mixture slightly cool, add the half of the chocolate chips. I used the milk chocolate chips, little chocolate chips that resist cooking. It is super convenient!  


Fill the cavities of your 2 molds. A recipe fill a financier mold and a mini logs mold.

If you only have one mold, cook in 2 times. The mixture can wait without problems.

Then pour the rest of chocolate chips over the top of the cereal bars and pack with a fork. 

Bake your cereal bars 20 minutes in your oven preheated to 160°C (convection air).

Once the 20 minutes have passed, let them cool on a rack. Do not unmold immediately! The cereal bars would break. Wait until the cereal bars have cooled. 

Hide them quickly! Because I can guarantee you, your children will love them! Mine never last more that two days... And my daughter totally told me: Mom, next time, double the recipe! Hungry people! 

TIPS: You can also reduce the amount of chocolate chips by half if you want to make lighter cereal bars.

You can also use dark or white chocolate chips as your wish.

The same goes for the puffed cereals. pour les céréales soufflées. There are plenty of different kinds! Please yourself! 


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