Tapis "Roll & Cut XL" - 55cm
  • Tapis "Roll & Cut XL" - 55cm
  • Tapis "Roll & Cut XL" - 55cm

"Roll & Cut Mat XL" - 55cm


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  WidthLength ( x Width) : 55 x 55 cm
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The Wilton Roll N Cut Mat is a handy working surface mat for measuring, rolling out and cutting fondant, marzipan or dough.
The pre-printed circles and lines allow you to determining the correct size and cut straight. With this mat you can cover a cake up to 10 x 35,5 cm.
How to use:
  1. Rub the mat with vegetable fat (such as Crisco).
  2. Put your fondant/marzipan on the mat and roll it out until it is 0,5 cm thick.
  3. Cut out your shapes and figures using a knife or a cutter or roll out the size of the cake.
  4. Tip: if the mat won’t stay, moisten the back of the mat and paste this on your worktop to avoid it to slide.
The mat has a non-stick surface and English and metric dimensions.
Size: 55,8 x 55,8 cm.

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