Turntable "Basic"
  • Turntable "Basic"
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Wilton Basic Turntable

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  •   Diameter : 28 cm
  •   Cakelicious opinion : The top, we love it !
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For those who take baking and cake decoration seriously, the Wilton Basic Turntable is more than just an accessory – it's a must-have. Designed to make the life of bakers easier, this turntable combines performance and functionality.

Smooth and precise movement

With its innovative ball bearing system, this turntable offers an extremely smooth rotation. This makes the smoothing and decoration of your cakes as precise as effortless.

Ensured stability

Equipped with a robust non-slip layer, the turntable ensures your culinary creations stay firmly in place, eliminating any risk of slipping or imbalance.

Adapted dimensions

This turntable is ideally designed to accommodate cakes with a dimension up to 28 cm. If you work with larger cakes, we recommend opting for a larger stand to guarantee perfect stability.

Easy and practical turntable maintenance

No more worries about cleaning! The Wilton Basic Turntable is dishwasher-safe. Simply unclip the rotating part from the base to remove the ball bearing (which should not be put in the dishwasher). Once separated, these two parts can be machine-washed and will come out sparkling.

Try it with our recipe!

Are you a fan of Nutella dripcake? Discover how our turntable can make the creation and smoothing of your cake easier by following our detailed recipe here.

Turntable technical details

  • Diameter: Suitable for cakes up to 28 cm
  • Turntable height: About 4 cm.


The versatility of this turntable makes it ideal for everything from birthday cakes to professional pastries. Its ease of maintenance also makes it perfect for daily use.

Our demonstration video in French

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