Food colouring

Food colour

In this category you will find various food coloring and color sprays. The different food colorants have different areas of application. Our metallic food paints can be found in our food decorations category.

Here we explain the main differences between our food colors.


Food coloring in highly concentrated gel form

The product comes in a tube, which is particularly convenient for dosing the colorant. Gel dyes are water soluble and therefore ideal for coloring sugar paste, marzipan, buttercream, macaroons and many other preparations. 

But be careful! As these dyes are water-based, they cannot be used to color chocolate, which would immediately break your preparation. 

Small amounts are enough to obtain intense color effects, which makes it a very economical product.

The dyes allow for a wide range of colors, from light pastels to dark and vivid colors. When coloring, it is possible to mix different gel colors, but be careful not to put too much color in the product at once when coloring.

The mass can quickly become too dark. So first add a little food coloring, mix, then gradually add more coloring until you get the color you want.

We use these gel dyes very often, as you can also see in our blog posts (only in french with the link bellow or german):



Powdered food coloring - the versatile coloring agents

Powdered food coloring is nowadays used to decorate sugar flowers, models and to create depth in patterned cakes. These are best applied dry with a brush. 

They can also be mixed with alcohol to obtain a more intense color and painted with. 

Since there are many kinds of dyes available today that replace powdered dyes and color better, we do not recommend using powdered dyes for creams, sugar paste and other dense masses, as it is difficult to mix them evenly into the product. 

Powdered dyes can be mixed together, but they don't bind like gel dyes.

Check out our blog post on lemon cupcakes, in which we decorate the sugar flowers with powdered dye.

Or in this video of sugar past flowers ;o)


Chocolate dyes, the fat-soluble ones 

Fat-soluble dyes are oil-based and not water-based like gel dyes. They are perfect for coloring white couverture, decomelts and cocoa butter. They are not suitable for coloring sugar paste and creams.

In our online store we offer two different types. A liquid version with which you can start decorating immediately and a powder version. 

You can find out more about powdered chocolate coloring in our blog posts (In french with link bellow or German): 


Airbrush food coloring 

Beautiful color gradations, deep shades, special patterns and much more can be achieved with an airbrush. 

There are special airbrush dyes that we recommend. They are available as metallic/glitter colors or as saturated base colors.

We do not recommend the use of other colorants such as gel or powdered airbrush colorants, as they can clog the gun nozzle.


Food sprays 

We have different food sprays, velvet sprays that leave a velvet finish on frozen foams, as well as metallic and iridescent sprays.

The latter are also suitable for sugar paste cakes and can cover a whole cake. 

Handling is very easy, fast and guarantees a WOW effect!

We recommend placing the cake to be sprayed in a cake tin, whether it is velvet or colored sprays, as both products are very volatile and your kitchen would suffer. 

For both sprays, maintain sufficient distance (20 cm) while spraying so that the color is applied evenly.

Colour Mill oil-based dye - choice of colour

Colour Mill oil-based dye

8.90 CHF

Chocolate colorant Gold

Chocolate colorant "Gold"

9.10 CHF
35 g
Gel Color Progel Rainbow

Gel Color "Progel" - Rainbow

31.90 CHF
6 pcs

Gel Color Progel Set Pastel

Gel Color "Progel" - Set Pastel

31.90 CHF
6 pcs

Gel Food Colors Progel in various colors

Gel Food Colors "Progel" in various colors

6.00 CHF
25 g

Gel food colors, funcakes, colors, to choose

Gel food colors "Funcakes" - Color to choose

4.90 CHF

coloring, gel, pastry, color, choice

Gel food colors - Color to choose

4.90 CHF
20 g

White colouring

White colouring

7.60 CHF
9 food colouring powders

9 food colouring powders

22.50 CHF
9 pcs