Basic forms

Cake pans basic shapes
Cake pans basic shapes
Basic forms
Set of 5 "heart" molds of 15 cm in non-stick material

Set of 5 "heart" molds of...

26.90 CHF

Set of 5 Ø15cm molds in non-stick material

Set of 5 Ø15cm molds in...

26.90 CHF

Cake mold

5.40 CHF

Mid-high heart mold

9.90 CHF

Silcone Mold - Flexi

17.90 CHF

Baking pan

31.90 CHF

rectangular mold A3 and A4

Rectangular cake mold,...

29.90 CHF

Choice square mold

High Square cake mold

12.40 CHF

Springform pans - diameter to choose

Springforms pans in...

15.50 CHF

molds, cake mold, savarin, to choose

Cake Molds "Savarin" - To...

12.50 CHF

Aluminum mold 10cm high

High cake mold

7.40 CHF

Aluminum mold 75mm high

Mid-high cake mold

6.50 CHF

Aluminum mold 5cm high

Moule à gâteaux bas

5.90 CHF

Sphere molds to choose

Hemispherical molds to choose

7.90 CHF