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Baking equipment

You like to make pastry and to bake cake?

If yes, you are in the good place!

Here you will find all the material and tools to make macarons, cookies, cupcakes, and all kind of French desert.

You need inspiration to choose? Go to our book category and you will have many ideas.


Aluminum mold 75mm high

Mid-high cake mold

7.50 CHF
7.5 cm
10 to 40cm

Silicone molds "Truffles" - To choose

Molds "Truffles" in silicone

26.90 CHF

Bread basket - various sizes

Bread basket - various sizes

21.90 CHF
8.5 cm

Porcelain figures "I like pastry" complete set

Porcelain figures "I like pastry"

7.90 CHF