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Baking equipment

Everything for the gourmets and enthusiasts

Baking is more than just cooking; it's a vibrant art of colors, textures, and flavors. And every artist deserves the best in terms of tools and materials. At Cakelicious, we cherish this passion. That's why we offer an unparalleled variety of baking accessories and specialized ingredients to turn every sweet creation into a masterpiece. Because we believe that every cake, every biscuit, every dessert has a story to tell.

Why does the quality of the material matter?

Every baker, whether a beginner or experienced, knows that the quality of baking equipment can make the difference between an average cake and a breathtaking creation. Quality molds ensure even baking, precise cutters create perfect shapes, and specialized ingredients can elevate a recipe. With the right equipment, the possibilities are endless, and every creation becomes a joyous journey of discovery.

For all enthusiasts

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a special event, or just indulging yourself, our baking equipment meets all your needs. From making homemade biscuits to creating mousses & desserts worthy of a starred restaurant, we have everything you need. Explore, experiment, and express yourself with baking. After all, it's an art form that is meant to be savored!

Tips to perfect your art

Choosing the right baking accessory is essential, but knowing how to use it is just as crucial. How about some tips on how to best use your new tart mold? Or advice on getting the perfect consistency for your cupcakes & cakepops? With Cakelicious by your side, your baking journey will be full of discoveries and learning.

A complete range for all your needs

From novice to professional, every baker will find their happiness at Cakelicious. Explore our vast range of products, from essentials like cutters to specialties like homemade ice cream and so much more! We are continuously striving to expand our collection to bring you the best of the baking world.

Recipes to inspire your creations

Discover the delicious Vanilla-Apple Tart (only available in French or German) by Karin. Its dazzling design and unique flavors promise an unforgettable taste experience. Every bite is a journey, every aroma a story. Karin meticulously crafted this recipe to evoke the magic of baking.

Join the Cakelicious family

More than just a store, Cakelicious is a community. We share your passion for baking and commit to providing you with everything you need to succeed. Discover our latest products, recreate our recipes, and join a community of passionate bakers! Because at @Cakelicious66, every member is valued, and every creation is celebrated.

Aluminum mold 75mm high

Mid-high cake mold

7.50 CHF
7.5 cm
10 to 40cm

Silicone molds "Truffles" - To choose

Molds "Truffles" in silicone

26.90 CHF

Bread basket - various sizes

Bread basket - various sizes

21.90 CHF
8.5 cm

Porcelain figures "I like pastry" complete set

Porcelain figures "I like pastry"

7.90 CHF